February 27, 2023

What’s the Difference Between a Patio and a Porch?

The terms patio and porch are sometimes used interchangeably to describe outdoor spaces designed for lounging. While their uses are similar, there are some structural differences between patios and porches that are worth noting — differences that not only impact aesthetics but also the functionality of the space.

The Construction of Patios Vs. Porches

Designed with a foundation of concrete – or better yet, pavers – patios are situated at the ground level of a home’s backyard. While they can be either attached or detached from a home, they generally adjoin the exterior of the home and provide a space for outdoor dining or entertainment. In some cases, patios are left uncovered but often a pergola is built overhead the space to provide coverage from the elements and let it function similar to a home’s living room.

Porches, meanwhile, are a true extension of a home in the sense that they are physically attached to the home and accessible via the front or back door. Rather than being built at the ground level, porches are raised structures that are built onto a home. Covered by a roof-like structure, with the option to keep the sides open air or screen-in the space if preferable, porches often feature ample seating for relaxation purposes.

Does It Make Sense to Have Both?

Patios and porches both offer great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. And because of the way they’re positioned — most often with porches at a home’s front entrance and patios at the back entrance — it can be beneficial to make use of both these structures when space and budget allows.

With a front porch and back patio, you’ll double your additional living space as well as the added value you’ll see when it comes time to sell. Alongside those shared benefits, you’ll also experience the unique advantages that each outdoor area brings to the table.

With a front porch, you’ll:

  • Enhance the curb appeal of your home
  • Create storage for shoes and other items that can track in debris
  • Naturally have a chance to meet and socialize with neighbors 

With a backyard patio, you’ll:

  • Have ample room for larger groups to congregate
  • Enjoy an added sense of privacy while spending time outdoors
  • Be able to decide how much sun exposure you want

Talk to Green Impressions About Your Backyard Patio Needs

With years of experience designing and installing backyard patios, Green Impressions is well-versed in creating the ideal foundation for your outdoor living space. Using Unilock pavers, we create a durable, easy-to maintain base for your patio space, while offering a wide variety of design options to suit the aesthetics of your home and your landscape.

All the while, we use our expertise to frame your new front porch with low-maintenance native plants and LED lighting that further add to its appeal.

Ready to improve your Northeast Ohio outdoor living space? Request a free consultation. We’ll use the information we gather during this property evaluation to design, build and maintain the backyard of your dreams.




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