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Commercial Landscape Services That Meet Your Needs

Every business wants to make a great first impression, and a well-maintained landscape is where it starts. By investing in commercial landscape services, you can simplify the care and maintenance of your Northeast Ohio property while adding to its value over time. All it takes is the right commercial landscaper—Green Impressions.

Our Approach to Commercial Lawn Care

At Green Impressions, we care about your property as much as you do. This sentiment is reflected not only in our commitment to drug-testing qualified employees but also in our unique approach to commercial lawn care.

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Discovery Session

Discovery Session

The initial meeting is an opportunity for our team to connect with you, your business and the senior level individual at your organization. We’ll help identify specific grounds management issues and develop a comprehensive service plan that aligns with the data we’ve gathered, including your budget.

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Proposal Development

Proposal Development

What follows is drafting a proposal for services. During an initial site assessment (ISA), which typically takes a few business days to complete, our team will use GPS technology to obtain accurate and detailed measurements of the entire property. It’s recommended that the property manager joins us for the ISA.

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Proposal Presentation

Proposal Presentation

Once the proposal is ready, the next step is to share it with you and your team. Our presentation will include a detailed summary of the commercial landscape services, measurements of success and a review of contract details. As an open forum, you are welcome to ask questions or share concerns at any time.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Throughout the contract period, we schedule regular meetings with customers. At each meeting, we’ll conduct a landscape quality audit that compares expectations in the proposal with current site conditions, while also adding new services as needed. This ensures that we continue to meet your expectations and address concerns.


Snow & Ice
Removal Services

With snowy and icy conditions, the winter months can be particularly harsh on Northeast Ohio properties. As winter weather hits, our team of professionals is here to help businesses keep grounds clear and safe, from walkways to parking lots.

This begins with sharing detailed storm records, including temperature and condition reports, as well as specific times and locations where equipment and materials will be used. Through GPS tracking of our trucks, we ensure that our team follows strict arrival and departure times to guarantee the timeliness of your commercial lawn care and that it’s ready for business when needed. Our time data records help hold us accountable to these standards.


The Businesses We Serve


Property managers rely on our irrigation, fertilization and snow/ice management expertise to ensure the vibrancy and safety of the customer experience.


With our commercial landscape services and lifestyle enhancements, homeowner associations are able to protect their investment in neighborhoods.


Facility managers depend on our lawn care services to ensure that visitors’ first impressions align with the quality and reputation of their business.


By collaborating with our team, healthcare facility managers can effectively manage and improve mixed-use and single-purpose healthcare properties..

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