Reclaim Your Outdoor Space with the NuTone Haven System

Mosquito Control that Keeps Your Family & Pets Safe

Tired of using sprays and traps to fight off mosquitos in your Northeast Ohio yard? Great news: There’s a better solution for keeping these pests at bay: NuTone’s Haven Backyard Light & Mosquito Repellent Fixture. This natural mosquito control system combines energy-efficient lighting with patented technology to protect patios, decks and lawns all year.

What Are the Features of the NuTone Haven System?

Energy Efficient
Light fixtures that blend
into your landscape
Time efficient
Takes just 15 minutes of use
to be effective
invisible mosquito control
Silent, invisible and odorless
Automatic operation
Optional timer/control allows
for automatic operation
square footage coverage
Provides mosquito protection for
110 square feet per fixture
216 hours of usage
Lasts for 216 hours of use before
you need to replace cartridge
safe for your lawn
Won’t harm your lawns, plants,
shrubs and flowers

Installation Process

Fixtures are easily installed with
transformer and landscape cables
one every 10 to 12 feet
Around the area you want to protect,
fixtures are added every 10 to 12 feet
average patio requires 4 fixtures
The average patio or deck requires four
of these mosquito control systems
Fixture options
Fixtures can be added to low-voltage lights
and mounted on decks or flat surfaces

Make Your Outdoor Space More Comfortable with Our Help

Ready to retire those ineffective and inconvenient techniques for home mosquito control? The team at Green Impressions is available to help you implement NuTone’s effective and convenient solution.

It all begins with an on-site visit where we can choose the Haven fixture configuration that works best for your landscape. Then, we’ll order your mosquito control fixtures for you and install them in just a couple of weeks.

Ready to take back your nights from mosquitos? Simply fill out the form below.