sprinkler system in lawn

A Home Irrigation System
You Can Count On

Give Your Lawn the Proper
Moisture It Deserves

Lawn irrigation is all about balance, and for good reason. Too little or too much water can leave grass with shallow root systems that make them more susceptible to drought and disease. Our irrigation services take the guesswork out of the equation.

Why You Should Install a Sprinkler System

Moisture Balance

The ability to automate and control lawn watering avoids the potential for inconsistencies

Healthy, Green Lawn

When your lawn receives proper moisture, it retains the natural beauty of your landscape

Preserves Soil Structure

Small droplets of water from a sprinkler system prevent soil compaction or loss of nutrients

Conserves Water

With control measures in place, a home irrigation system makes more efficient use of water

Saves Time

Scheduled waterings allow your lawn to get the moisture it needs without you being present

Financial Benefits

Aside from lower utility bills month-to-month, you’ll also increase the value of your home

How to Secure the Best Results Possible

Add Smart Controls

Weather and current moisture levels will influence the water supply to your lawn

Replace Sprinkler Heads

By swapping in newer nozzles from time-to-time, you can boost the system’s efficiency

Choose Quality Materials

Choosing the right products at the start helps to minimize future maintenance and costs

Hire a Professional

Proper installation and alignment with code requirements per the National Plumbing Code

The Green Impressions Irrigation Club

At Green Impressions, we understand that the success of a lawn irrigation system doesn’t end after our installation of high-quality Rain Bird sprinkler systems and Hunter sprinkler systems. It requires care and maintenance year-round to ensure optimal performance.

That’s why we’ve created the Green Impressions Irrigation Club. When the time is right, our experts will visit your property to activate valves, inspect and test backflow, perform operational check-ups and prepare your irrigation system for winter.




Lawn Care Myths

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Common Misconceptions In Lawn & Landscape Care

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