Landscape Lighting that Illuminates Your Outdoor Space

Brighten Up the Future of Your Landscape

Whether relaxing in the backyard or entertaining guests, many homeowners pack up and head inside once night falls. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Thanks to landscape lighting, you can extend the use of your outdoor space all while enhancing its visual appeal and safety.

Why Outdoor Landscape Lighting Is a Must

More Time Outdoors

Lighting up your patio (or other backyard area) allows you to enjoy it after the sun goes down

Makes Hazards Visible

Because light fixtures illuminate steps and drop-offs, accidents are less likely to occur

Deters Burglars

A well-lit landscape offers fewer hiding places for thieves, who prefer to lurk in dark spaces

Highlights Architecture

Does your home have a sprawling porch or a gabled roof? Lights help emphasize these features

Adds Value

Consumers continue to rank exterior lighting as one of the top desirable home characteristics

Cost Effective

Advancements in technology (notably LED bulbs) have made landscape lighting highly efficient

Landscape Lighting Techniques

Step Lights

Built within walls or steps, these landscape lights help guests move safely up and down stairs

Accent Lights

Adjustable fixtures allow you to shift between illuminating architectural and garden features

Patio Lights

In an area where foot traffic is prevalent, this style of landscape lighting helps optimize its use

Water Lights

Have a water feature you’d like to highlight? Create an inviting glow with this underwater option

The Installation and Maintenance of Lighting Systems

Getting the most return on your landscape lighting investment begins with the right products. For Green Impressions, that means working with industry leaders like Kichler Lighting and Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting. Combined with our years of installation experience, Kichler landscape lighting and Vista landscape lighting set the foundation for a long-term solution.

But we also realize that the work doesn’t end there. After all, every landscape lighting system requires routine maintenance to run at its peak performance. That’s why we offer concierge maintenance programs year-round to straighten fixtures, check connectors and more.

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