January 30, 2023

Does an Outdoor Kitchen Need to Be Covered?

While it’s true that outdoor kitchens don’t need to be covered, there are plenty of good reasons why homeowners go down this avenue. Unexpected weather won’t spoil your fun. Shade can be found on the hottest of summer days. You’ll have more privacy. And, when it comes time to sell, you’ll reap the added value that comes with the investment.

Why an Outdoor Kitchen Should Be Covered

1. Weather Is Unpredictable

It can be pretty disappointing to coordinate a backyard barbecue, only to have rain derail your plans. When an outdoor kitchen has a roof overhead, the chef in your group can grill — rain or shine. Seeing as how Cleveland, Ohio gets some precipitation an average 149 days out of the year (that includes rain, sleet, snow and hail), it’s easy to see how a covered outdoor kitchen undoubtedly helps maximize use of the space.

2. The Summer Sun Hits Hard

It’s no secret that it can get hot grilling under the summer sun. Adding a cover over your outdoor kitchen not only keeps the chef cool and comfortable, but it can also offer shade for guests as they dine outdoors. While extending the length of summertime parties, the UV coverage also helps protect the outdoor kitchen’s hardware and surfaces from wear and tear.

3. You’ll Feel More at Home

Just as homeowners crave privacy inside their home, the same can be said for their outdoor space. With a roof above an outdoor kitchen, the area naturally becomes more private — all while providing openings on the side that invite in fresh air and a breeze. 

4. You’ll Add to Your Home’s Value

According to a survey from Homelight, an outdoor kitchen project that costs an estimated $14,000 can recoup 71 cents at resale. When the outdoor kitchen is covered and its functionality is extended throughout nearly every season, it’s safe to assume you’ll see further boosts in the value when it comes time to sell.

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