January 10, 2023

Do Pergolas Provide Shade?

If you’re looking for a way to add shade to your backyard, there are a few different options on the table. While some are portable (think umbrellas and canopies), others like pergolas offer a more permanent shade solution.

While it’s true that yes, all pergolas do provide some shade, the level of shade is directly related to the design of the pergola. Namely, you’ve got either a lattice roof or a solid roof.

Pergola Design Option #1: The Lattice-Style Roof

Do you want your pergola to offer some shade but still invite in rays on sunny days?

A lattice-style roof achieves this effect. With an open latticework roof on top of your pergola, you can block out the sun during portions of the day while inviting in a breeze from above.

open pergola

Source: Green Impressions

While aesthetically pleasing, climbing plants can be added to the roof of this pergola style for an added dose of shade and privacy. The open latticework can also serve as a foundation to string hanging lights that add functionality and flair to a landscape design.

open pergola 2

Source: Green Impressions

Pergola Design Option #2: The Solid Roof

Do you want full sun protection from your pergola roof at all times of day?

If so, opt for a pergola with a solid roof. With full coverage from the elements — from the sun’s harsh summer rays to spring rainfalls — you’ll extend use of your outdoor living space closer to year-round. All the while, you’ll enjoy the breeze through the open-walled sides of the pergola structure.

solid roof pergola

Source: Green Impressions

Like the open-roof style of pergolas, solid roof designs offer their own unique design opportunities. While you’ll have protection against the sun and rain, your fully shaded area can be outfitted with a ceiling fan for added comfort on warm days or a chandelier that keeps the space well-lit into the evening hours.

solid roof pergola 2

Source: Green Impressions

Shade Options to Suit Every Kind of Homeowner Preference

Pergolas are a great addition to landscapes for many reasons — their visual appeal, the privacy they provide, and you guessed it, the shade they deliver. While there is plenty of flexibility in terms of the size and materials used to design and build a pergola, you also have the benefit of choosing between open and closed roof styles to get the amount of shade you want in our outdoor living space.

Serving Northeast Ohio homeowners for years, Green Impressions has experience designing and installing a variety of pergolas — that includes open roof and closed roof options. Weaving these structures into a comprehensive landscape design, we help homeowners turn landscape ideas into fully functional outdoor spaces that not only meet but exceed expectations.

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