June 19, 2020

What Is the Purpose of a Pergola?

Pergolas may come in a variety of styles and sizes, but they share the same primary purpose: to protect homeowners from the harsh elements. This could come in the form of shelter amid a spring rain shower or a layer of protection to block out the sun’s harsh rays in the summertime. So whether you’re reading a book or hosting a family dinner outside, your plans can continue without interruption.

While pergolas give homeowners more opportunities to enjoy their outdoor living area, it is only one of many purposes these landscape features serve. Here’s a look at a few other benefits.

The Other Benefits You Can Expect from a Pergola

Your Backyard Space Becomes More Defined

Pergolas naturally become a focal point in backyards. The same visual interest that captures the eye also communicates to family and friends where to spend time lounging or dining outside. The more definitive purpose you have in your outdoor space, the more comfortable your guests will feel, and the more you’ll be able to make the most of the area.

Your Outdoor Space Will Feel More Private

Even though pergolas are typically open structures without walls, they can still create a sense of seclusion. As the roof-like structure blocks out views from above, drapes and screens can block out left-to-right views from the neighboring properties. These same boundaries also help muffle the neighborhood noise, whether it’s the lawnmower next door or loud vehicles on the road.

You’ll Have More Room to Display Plants

In addition to potted plants on decks or patios, pergolas provide another space for plants to thrive (aside from the backyard soil). Climbing plants can be hung over the latticework of the outdoor structure to create extra shade, while hanging garden baskets can add pops of color and foliage to the space. Regardless of which types of plants are used, the outdoor area is bound to feel more calm and refreshing to guests.

You’ll Add Value to Your Home

Like many other landscape investments, pergolas come with a substantial return. While homeowners can take advantage of the leisure space while they live in the home, they can also expect an increased market value when they go to sell. This can be attributed back to a growing interest among prospective buyers in outdoor living spaces.

Contact Green Impressions for Your Pergola Needs

As a landscape provider, Green Impressions is in the business of helping Northeast Ohio homeowners turn their vision for a backyard oasis into a reality. That includes designing and installing all types of pergolas that can be used for outdoor entertainment, to hang plants and more.

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