June 12, 2020

3 Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas to Consider

A pool is a natural focal point in many Northeast Ohio backyards. But like a frame that draws attention to an already beautiful photo, the landscape around a pool can further accentuate it.

When it comes to how to achieve this effect, these three backyard pool landscaping ideas can do the trick.

Idea #1: Accent Plants

Foliage can be the perfect complement to the hardscape of a pool. Not only do plants soften the look of the outdoor space, but they also add a certain degree of privacy and shade to the area.


Source: Pinterest

To preserve a low-maintenance landscape, it’s best to choose poolside plants that are native to the climate and produce minimal debris. (Think needles falling from a pine tree.) These types of plants can be mix-and-matched to create a multi-colored, textured effect. The combination of summersweet shrubs and aster flowers is just one example.

Idea #2: Planter Containers

Thanks to the rise of planter containers, garden spaces are becoming more portable — and with this comes innate benefits. Plants can be moved directly into the sunny spots around a swimming pool and just as easily moved out of harm’s way when harsh rains or winds hit.


Source: Pinterest

While the plants stored inside add visual appeal, it’s also important to think of the container as its own canvas too. Bright pink swamp milkweed would pair nicely with a neutral-colored vase, while the subdued white turtlehead offers a chance to choose a vase with a more dramatic flair.

Idea #3: Proper Lighting

Lighting can work its magic on nearly every part of a backyard landscape — swimming pool included. While it extends pool use into the evening hours and keeps individuals safe, the lighting also highlights the architecture of the pool and creates a memorable mood at night.


Source: Green Impressions

The decision of which landscape lights to use has a lot to do with the layout of your backyard. To name a few examples: LED lights can be nestled into the mulch of a flower bed, uplights can be attached to the bottom of a pergola or step lights can be added to stairs that lead down to the pool area.

As a landscape design firm, Green Impressions can handle the design and installation of your new pool, as well as the landscape elements that surround it. To get started, request your free consultation with our team.





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