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March 19, 2019

Modern Backyard Landscaping for the Entertainer

When homeowners decide to remodel their landscape, there are various goals that can drive their efforts. For some, it’s to create a space where they can simply relax. For others, it’s to create a space where they can easily accommodate and entertain guests.

If you’re one of the many homeowners who leans on the side of “entertainer,” then you know there’s a lot that goes into establishing the ideal gathering spot outdoors. Beyond comfortable seating, proper lighting and areas to prepare/serve food, you need structures to shield the sun’s harsh rays on hot days and sources of warmth when cold temperatures hit.

Here, we’ll showcase how we blended all of these modern backyard landscaping elements in a single Northeast Ohio project.

Transforming a Backyard into an Outdoor Entertainment Space

If you’ve had a chance to visit a wine bar, then you’re probably familiar with the typical warm, cozy feel of these spaces. After all, they want to create a welcoming environment where guests feel free to unwind and socialize.

It’s that type of feel that this Rocky River homeowner wanted to recreate. And with the help of Green Impressions, they were able to do just that.

before-landscape-projectBefore photo of the Northeast Ohio landscape.

The backyard space was divided into two sections: an upper and lower patio. Over the upper patio, a 20-by-20-foot cedar pergola was added, with plenty of cozy seating included below it. Meanwhile, a double-sided fireplace was incorporated into the design to keep guests warm on both the upper and lower levels. Masonry planter boxes further distinguished these two patio sections from one another.

On the lower patio, a grilling station with granite countertops and an AOG 36-inch grill were added, creating the perfect setting for barbecues. As part of the landscape redesign, a masonry constructed, pondless waterfall was also introduced into the backyard space. This helps minimize noisy traffic that can disrupt conservations, with little maintenance required of the homeowner.

after-landscape-redesignAfter photo of the Northeast Ohio landscape.

Throughout the patio, the contemporary feel of the Unilock Beacon Hill™ paver was paired with the Old-World charm of a Copthorne® border for a beautiful contrast. To maximize use of the space and safety for guests, Vista lighting was incorporated around the walls, steps and trees of the modern landscape design.

Looking to transform your backyard into an entertainment oasis? The team at Green Impressions is here to help bring your creative vision for modern backyard landscaping to life. Get started by requesting your free consultation.





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