March 26, 2019

Are Landscaping Careers the Right Fit for You?

While there’s a lot of excitement that comes with a potential career shift, applicants need to make some considerations before they take this new path. One of the most important factors to weigh is how this profession aligns with your personal interests.

In the realm of landscaping careers, there are a variety of traits beyond experience that make individuals a good candidate for this type of work. With this in mind, here are four questions to ask yourself if you’re considering a career in landscaping.

Do You Enjoy the Outdoors?

Whether you’re building a patio or pruning shrubs/trees, chances are you’ll spend a good chunk of your time outdoors. That’s why landscaping careers are most suitable for individuals who are not only comfortable working outdoors but prefer to be in nature.

Do You Prefer Physical Activity Over Sitting At a Desk?

As a landscaper, you’re required to do a lot of manual work. On any given day, there may be several loads of landscape materials and equipment to transport/lift, as well as extended periods of time on your feet to complete landscape projects. So if you’re in the market for a more physical job, a landscaping career would be a good fit.

Do You Have a Passion for the Environment?

Many of the initiatives in landscape design and maintenance are driven by sustainable efforts. It’s true of permeable patio pavers that prevent stormwater runoff, as well as automatic irrigation systems that conserve water. Having an innate passion for the environment will have a positive impact on your work as a landscaper.

Do You Enjoy Working Directly with Clients?

Creating beautiful, functional properties is the primary goal in landscaping careers. Not only does this give you plenty of opportunities to be creative, but it also provides the satisfaction of having a hand in helping homeowners transform their outdoor space.

Did you answer yes to the questions above? If so, a landscaping career may be just the right kind of work for you. The careers section of our website is the perfect place to start your search. Head there to see what job opportunities are available at Green Impressions.




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