February 19, 2019

Backyard Landscape Design Ideas to Keep Cool in Summer

When summertime hits, homeowners are eager to enjoy their outdoor space. Yet, this season also comes with a significant drawback: the heat. Sweltering temperatures combined with the sun’s harsh rays can easily deter plans to entertain or simply relax outside.

Not to worry, though. There are plenty of backyard landscape design ideas that can help you stay cool in the summer and make the most of your outdoor space throughout the season.

5 Features to Keep Your Backyard Cool in the Heat

1. Pergolas

If you want more shade in your backyard space, pergolas are a viable solution. Most of these structures include vertical pillars that hold cross beams and a sturdy open lattice. With these architectural elements in place, you can cover walkways to create a shaded path or block out sunlight from a comfortable seating area.


 (Source: Green Impressions)

2. Retractable Canopies

Another clever way to stay cool in the heat is with retractable canopies. These features are easy to install on existing pergolas and provide immediate relief from the sun. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, you can choose a design that fits the color scheme and style of your backyard space.


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3. Outdoor Fans

When high temperatures and humidity hits, outdoor fans circulate air to cool down the area. If you have a covered patio and frequently entertain, you may want to opt for a permanent solution like a ceiling fan. On the flipside, there are also standalone oscillating fans available at local home improvement stores that will help you beat the heat.


(Source: Green Impressions)

4. Water Features

Among backyard landscape design ideas, swimming pools are recognized as the ideal option for conquering summer heat. But what if you don’t have the space for this feature? Good news: There are a variety of ways to incorporate water into your backyard on a smaller scale. The mixture of air and water in fountains and bubbling rocks encourages evaporation, which then produces a cooling effect.


(Source: Green Impressions)

5. Outdoor Shades or Drapes

Shades and drapes are easy to add to the perimeter of existing porches, patios or pergolas, and their impact is significant. In just a few simple motions, homeowners can close shades/drapes to immediately block out the sun and enhance comfort in their outdoor space. (Not to mention, it’s just as easy to open them once the heat subsides.) Like retractable canopies, outdoor shades and drapes are available in various fabrics, such as weather-resistant or mesh, depending on your desired level of shade.


(Source: Pinterest)

Turn These Backyard Landscape Design Ideas into a Reality

Whether your outdoor space is large or small, there are many backyard landscape design ideas to keep it cool this summer. And there’s no better time to get started on your landscape design project than right now.

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