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April 30, 2018

Outdoor Water Features For Your Northeast Ohio Home

Nothing adds a serene touch to your backyard space quite like outdoor water features. Their unique aesthetic appeal adds beauty to your landscape, while the tranquil sounds of the water help relax the mind and mask other noises.

As we’ll showcase here, there are a variety of ways to incorporate outdoor water features into your Northeast Ohio landscape.

Different Types of Outdoor Water Features For Your Landscape

Water Garden

Looking for more garden space in your backyard? Then water gardens might be the best choice for you. This design combines plant life with the zen vibes of outdoor water features—as well as stone pathways in this case.



(Source: Pinterest)

Reflective Wall

Some outdoor water features—like this simple example—can be designed to reflect their surroundings. As the reflection provides more depth, it will create the illusion of a bigger outdoor space.



(Source: Pinterest)

Curved Waterfall

Want to make your spa even more inviting? Integrate a water feature into the design. The lights inside the spa further illuminate the space, creating a calm glow on its surface as well as in its surroundings.



Bubbling Rock

For homeowners that want a low-maintenance option, bubbling rock designs are a good choice. While the shape of the rock will determine how the water cascades, the overall format ensures the continuous circulation of water.


(Source: Pinterest)

Square-Shaped Feature

Outdoor water features can make a great addition to your front yard as well. This square-shaped feature blends in with the surrounding plant life, while creating a tranquil experience for guests.



(Source: HGTV)

Your Northeast Ohio landscape should be a place where you can relax and unwind. That’s why we encourage you to consider adding outdoor water features to your space.

While we’ve provided some examples of outdoor water features here, we have plenty of more inspiration to share in our 2018 Landscape Design Look Book. Get your free copy today.




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