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February 26, 2018

5 Ways Outdoor Landscape Lighting Improves Your Backyard

The right finishings and furnishings are an important part of landscape design efforts. But when night falls, is your beautifully designed backyard accentuated or does it simply disappear?

As a homeowner, you want your backyard space to hold its appeal when natural light is gone and remain a safe and inviting space for guests. The only way to do this is by investing in good outdoor landscape lighting.

Here’s a look at some benefits to installing proper outdoor lighting in your landscape.

5 Benefits of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Makes Your Backyard More Visually Appealing

Using the right lighting can give your backyard space an elegant effect at night. This goes beyond just placing solar lights along a pathway for illumination. You can play around with the intensity, color and effects of light to create something magical.

Removes Hiding Spaces in Trees

While beautiful additions to backyard spaces, trees are unfortunately good hiding spaces for harmful animals like coyotes and can even hide intruders from your view. Not to mention, larger trees with a good amount of leaf coverage can go from looking pretty to eerie once the sun sets.

Placing outdoor landscape lighting strategically amongst branches can help avoid this problem. LED landscape lighting is recommended for these spaces so homeowners aren’t tasked with having to frequently replace light bulbs.

And that’s not the only benefit: LED lights are environmentally friendly and adjust easily to consume heat and energy at a safe rate. They are also easier to control from a remote system.

Illuminates Paths, Stairs & Obstacles

Whether you are hosting events or relaxing in your outdoor space, it’s important that the area is easy to navigate at night time. Good outdoor lighting helps ensure this by illuminating paths, stairs and other potential obstacles.

In these cases, path lights and wall lights are a great investment. These accent lights not only keep individuals safe, but they also create a more visually appealing space.

More Functional Outdoor Kitchens

If you have an outdoor kitchen installed, or plan to have makeshift grills, you need proper lighting to keep the area properly lit. It’s not enough to install a couple of harsh lights that could potentially contrast with the rest of your backyard theme. Instead, opt for soft, well-illuminated lights and lanterns that can serve both functions.

Highlights Architectural Design

Lights are effective at illuminating design elements, by casting a glare on features or covering them with a shadow. With the strategic placement of outdoor landscape lighting, you can easily highlight different parts of your outdoor space. This involves getting creative with the types of landscape light fixtures you use as well as how they are situated.

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