May 3, 2022

4 Backyard Patio Paver Design Ideas Sure to Impress

If you’re already thinking about a backyard patio paver design, you’ve got the wheels turning in the right direction. Aside from their durability and ease of maintenance, this modern landscape choice offers ample design flexibility to suit all types of backyards and preferences.

To illustrate this, here are four backyard patio paver design ideas brought to you by our vendor, Unilock.

1. Modern with Simple Flair

From long, clean lines to its industrial tone, Unilock’s Artline™ adds a modern appeal to any Northeast Ohio backyard. But there’s still room for creativity. Including rich charcoal-colored bordering around the patio — as well as its features, like the fire pit in the example below — makes the space more visually dynamic. Not to mention, the darker colors help reduce glare and heat absorption.

artline unilock paver

Source: Unilock

2. A European Twist

There’s a natural beauty that comes with the look of old-school European brick, and Unilock’s Copthorne® style captures it. With color choices that range from burgundy red to burnt clay, you can bring the historic charm of natural clay bricks to your yard with unmatched paver durability. Copthorne’s delicate dimensions easily accommodate borders, where the relaxed appearance of a sand-colored paver can help add a striking contrast to the brick.

unilock brick paver patio

Source: Unilock

3. Au Naturale

When the goal is to turn your backyard into a lush, garden-like oasis, Unilock’s Richcliff® style of patio pavers complement this nature-inspired feel. Reminiscent of natural stone, the soft, earthy tones of this paver style provide classic luxury without distracting from a patio’s landscape. A more modular cut makes Richcliff a good choice for both traditional and contemporary designs.

richcliff unilock paver

Source: Unilock

4. Granite-Like Sleekness

Much like granite countertops in a kitchen catch one’s eye, Unilock’s Umbriano™ type of pavers can deliver a similar result in your Northeast Ohio backyard. Its uniquely mottled surface achieves a natural appearance that emulates the look and feel of granite, with the benefit of a non-slip texture. This is one of the many reasons Umbriano is a popular paver choice for pool decks.

paver patio design ideas

Source: Unilock

Limitless Design Opportunities Await with Unilock Pavers

As the foundation of your outdoor living space, the patio paver design you choose has an impact on your backyard’s aesthetics and functionality. At Green Impressions, we’ve partnered with Unilock — a leading paver manufacturer — to provide Northeast Ohio homeowners with the highest quality and widest array of products to support all types of paver patio design ideas.

With years of paver patio installation experience under our belt, our team of landscape experts use Unilock materials and industry best practices to produce the ideal result for our customers.

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