April 5, 2022

How to Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Backyard Oasis

Amidst travel restrictions, staycations have experienced a worldwide boom in the past few years. And as recent research shows, 83% of folks who took a staycation last year hope to do the same in 2022 — in fact, 24% already have plans for their next staycation in the works.

What do people love most about staycations? Well, there are a few variables at play. Staycations are more affordable, require less preparation and time off, and let you relax on day one with no flights to catch or jet lag to ward off.

While you can opt to book a local hotel or Airbnb rental for your next staycation, an even more convenient option is to make your home your home base. By turning your outdoor space into a backyard oasis, vacationing right at home becomes all the more appealing.

Below are some helpful tips on how to achieve the ultimate staycation experience.

1. Make a Splash with an In-ground Pool

Nothing says vacation quite like that first time you dip a toe in a hotel’s swimming pool. And for 26% of U.S. travelers, it’s a must-have amenity when booking accommodations.

Adding an in-ground pool to your backyard sets the scene for a resort-style retreat. While fiberglass pools are the best option from long-term cost and maintenance standpoints, this style of pool also provides a smooth surface that provides maximum comfort as you swim. Choosing a pool design with built-in seating for relaxation and conversation only adds to this effect.


Source: Latham

Tip: Love to spend time on those lounge chairs in the shallow part of resort pools? Add a tanning ledge to your fiberglass pool and you can recreate a similar vibe at home.

2. Create Your Own On-Site Restaurant

One of the things hotel guests value most about resorts with on-site restaurants is that you can save yourself the hassle of driving and parking while easily storing leftovers. An outdoor dining experience in your backyard offers this same convenience with an added bonus — you get to pick the menu!

While the grill serves as the main feature of an outdoor kitchen, consider including other features like a built-in refrigerator to store food and drinks and storage drawers to house cooking utensils. You’ll save the chef steps back and forth to the indoor kitchen and give them more time to socialize with your guests.

At many resort restaurants, you’ll find a variety of seating options, from high-top bars, to lounge seating, to patio tables in the sun. Incorporating a blend of these seating options into your outdoor dining space keeps you and your guests comfortable in any type of weather, especially on those hot summer afternoons.

outdoor dining

Source: Green Impressions

Tip: While patio umbrellas offer shelter for outdoor dining tables, think about a pergola as an alternative. You’ll have a permanent source of shade that covers more ground.

3. Add Year-Round Relaxation with a Hot Tub

In Northeast Ohio, the in-ground pool season lasts several months. In the case of a hot tub, you can unwind in the water anytime, no matter when you opt to take a staycation. 

As a form of hydrotherapy, hot tubs are known to offer a variety of health benefits — a list that includes better quality sleep, stress and pain relief, and improved cardiovascular health. These benefits support the overarching goals of a staycation: to feel relaxed and refreshed when it’s time to go back to work.

When choosing a fiberglass pool style, consider an option that includes a built-in spa. While the immediate connection makes it easy for guests to migrate from cool to warm water, this format can also allow homeowners to use the same water circulation system for both features, simplifying the overall installation.

built-in spa


Source: Latham

Design & Build Your Backyard Oasis with Our Help

You have ideas on how to turn your outdoor space into a backyard oasis. We have the resources and expertise to make them happen. From in-ground pools and hot tubs, to outdoor kitchens and dining spaces, to everything in between (e.g., water features, fire pits, etc), Green Impressions can turn your Northeast Ohio backyard into a resort you’ll never want to — or have to — leave.

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