March 15, 2018

Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas For Your Backyard Space

The use of your backyard doesn’t have to be limited in milder seasons. With the right amenities in place, you can continue to enjoy your space once the weather turns brisk.

One of these amenities is an outdoor fire pit. Not only does this feature help extend your outdoor living season, but it also serves as a great conversation piece and an excuse to step away from technology for a bit.

As you consider an outdoor fire pit for your landscape, here are some inspiring outdoor fire pit ideas to keep in mind.

5 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas For Your Landscape

1. Create a Cozy Seating Circle

Entertain guests often? If so, adding benches around an outdoor fire pit can help accommodate these needs. This cozy seating design also makes the pit a more prominent focal point in your outdoor living space.


(Source: HGTV)

2. Design Under an Arched Veranda

While outdoor fire pits provide warmth on cold nights, other situations like rainfall can present challenges. By designing this feature under a protected structure like an arched veranda, homeowners can further extend their use of the amenity and—in this particular case—highlight their rooftop.


(Source: HGTV)

3. Include Built-In Seating

The design of outdoor fire pits should be a blend of look and function. Built-in seating combines these two elements by pairing similar stonework with sturdy and reliable materials. What’s more: the built-in seating area naturally encircles the fire pit area.


4. Combine Fire and Stone

Going for an earthy, zen look in your outdoor living space? Then you might want to consider using stones in your outdoor fire pit. The combination of large riverbed stones and fire creates a contemporary look that will coincide with the rest of your landscape.


(Source: Freshome)

5. Add Multipurpose Elements

While an outdoor fire pit is typically thought of as a space to relax and warm up, there is potential for other uses as well. For instance, if you add a large enough table around the feature, you can easily turn it into a dining area. The inclusion of outdoor lighting is important for keeping this space illuminated.


(Source: Freshome)

When considering the idea of an outdoor fire pit, many homeowners search for inspiration to fuel their design. While the above list is a helpful start, the Green Impressions team has plenty more outdoor fire pit ideas to share from previous landscape design projects. Download a free copy of our 2018 Landscape Design Look Book and take a look.


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