November 19, 2019

Brick Paver Patio: Where Classic & Modern Charm Meet

With the antique aesthetics of traditional street pavers, brick paver patios are known for adding rugged beauty to outdoor spaces. This instant charm is paired with the benefit that brick paver patios are both durable and slip-resistant — specifically those offered by Unilock.

If you’re thinking about a brick paver patio for your own backyard, we wanted to introduce you to two Unilock styles: Copthorne® and Town Hall®.

The Perfect Blend of Old & New in Your Backyard

Unilock Copthorne® pavers combine the rich color and timeless beauty of European street pavers in a single surface. Reala™ textures are used to ensure that each paver authentically captures the timeworn look of European cobblestones — with up to four times the strength of poured concrete and room for design flexibility per the delicate dimensions of these pavers.

Copthorne® pavers are offered in multiple colors in order to align with the color schemes of homes. Burnt Clay can be a nice complement to homes with stone accents or wood siding, while Old Oak can add a striking contrast to homes with a white exterior or red accents. There are also opportunities to choose a three-color blend for a more dynamic look.


Copthorne® pavers. Source: Unilock.

Modeled after the clay street pavers historically used in North America, Town Hall® pavers also recreate Old World charm in backyards. While this style is available in the same colors as Copthorne® pavers and offers the same degree of durability and slip resistance, the main difference between these two options is that Town Hall® pavers are somewhat larger in size and can also be used in permeable applications. (This can be a significant benefit if your brick paver patio is north-facing, for example.)


Town Hall® pavers. Source: Unilock.

Now that you have a better feel for the type of brick paver patio that appeals to you and your landscape, it’s time to think about next steps. As a landscape provider for Northeast Ohio, Green Impressions has the skills and experience to install Unilock products into your landscape. Not only will you have a brick paver patio that captures the look you want, but you’ll know it can withstand harsh conditions and prevent safety issues, all while requiring minimal maintenance on your end.

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