November 12, 2019

Don't Let a Cleveland Snowstorm Disrupt Business

Delayed opening times, minimal parking spaces, slippery walkways. Business owners are familiar with the disruptions that a Cleveland snowstorm can cause.

While these events may only happen a few times of year — on average, there are about seven days a year with a snowfall of 3 inches or more — the impact on your tenants’ businesses within that time frame is enough to prompt action.

Delayed Opening Times

One hour of time downtime may not seem like the end of the world. But when property owners scramble to clear out the remnants of a Cleveland snowstorm and these delays occur, costs can quickly add up for the people who work in that space. After all, tenants could miss out on new potential business and non-exempt employees still receive payment during this downtime.

Minimal Parking Spaces

Imagine a scenario where a tenant arrives late to a client meeting because they were scrambling to find a nearby parking space. Not exactly the kind of impression you want to make, but a Cleveland snowstorm could easily lead to a situation like this. It could be that piles of snow are covering whole parking spaces or that it’s too difficult to tell where the lines are so one vehicle ends up using multiple spaces.

Slippery Walkways

When a Cleveland snowstorm hits, it’s not uncommon for a layer of ice to be hidden beneath large volumes of snow. This ultimately creates safety hazards for employees and guests, alike. While the law may not require property owners to remove snow and ice, they could be liable for injuries in the case that a slip or fall does occur. And with those liabilities could come the cost of covering medical expenses, missed paychecks and attorney fees.

Brave Cleveland Winters with Green Impressions

While Cleveland residents have become accustomed to snowstorms, that doesn’t mean the frustrations of dealing with them go away. The good news is that property owners don’t have to face these challenges on their own. By investing in professional snow and ice removal services from Green Impressions, you’ll have the expertise and equipment you need to keep your business productive and safe in the wake of a Cleveland snowstorm.

To learn more about our snow and ice removal services (as well as the year-round maintenance we provide for commercial properties), visit the commercial section of our website.




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