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June 18, 2019

Love to Entertain? Unilock Pavers Make It Easier & Safer

If you’re a homeowner who likes to host parties and summer barbecues, then you know there’s a lot that goes into the planning of these events. You have to send out the invites, grab food and drinks, decorate and clean your home before guests arrive.

While all of these elements factor into the success of the event, the design of your outdoor space also plays a large role. In particular, a landscape design that prioritizes safety and minimal maintenance offers a better way to entertain. After all, you’ll have fewer concerns and so will your guests.

One of the best ways to achieve this balance is with Unilock pavers. We’ll show you why.

Why Unilock Pavers Offer a Better Way to Entertain

When traditional patio surfaces become wet — let’s say from the splashing water of a pool — they tend to become slippery and introduce hazards. This is true of smooth concrete, marble and tile, among other types of materials.

Unilock pavers are unique in the sense that they are naturally slip-resistant. Whether you want the look of natural stone or granite, Unilock offers a large number of paver styles with textured surfaces to provide steady footing. With fewer chances for slips and falls, your backyard becomes a safer space for kids and adults alike.


(Source: Unilock)

What’s also beneficial about Unilock pavers is they are easy to clean. Whereas concrete patios could require a power washer to clean up sticky barbecue sauce or splashes of red wine — with a stain that could remain in some cases — Unilock pavers make the clean-up process much simpler. Not only are these pavers less likely to absorb stains, but they only require a simple household cleaner to get rid of food and drink spills. That means you can quickly wipe up messes with minimal disruption to your party and no unsightly remnants are left behind.


(Source: Unilock)

If you’re a Northeast Ohio homeowner looking to transform your backyard, a Unilock paver patio is a perfect place to start. To learn more about how Green Impressions can help with the design and install, request your free consultation




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