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May 24, 2018

Stamped Concrete Vs Pavers: What’s Best for Your Patio?

Stamped concrete and pavers are recognized as two attractive and affordable options for patio spaces. But what many homeowners struggle to define is how these two patio types stack up against one another.

In the contest of stamped concrete vs pavers, there are pros and cons to weigh on each side. The key is to determine which direction best suits your needs, taste and budget.

Choosing Your Patio Material: Stamped Concrete Vs Pavers

Let’s first consider the look of these patio materials. Stamped concrete tends to mimic natural materials like slate or flagstone and adds an ornate style to backyard spaces. Pavers meanwhile stand out not only for their aesthetic appeal, but also their design flexibility. With the opportunity to mix and match different colors and patterns, it’s possible to develop striking designs with elaborate accents.


Stamped concrete (Source: Pinterest)


Patio pavers (Source: Pinterest)

When it comes to installation, stamped concrete is faster to apply but takes a bit longer to prepare for use. Because it must cure first, there needs to be a 3-5 day window before welcoming people into the patio space. Pavers on the other hand take longer to install but are ready for use right away.

Then there’s the safety element. In the case of extreme climates—where harsh rainfall and snow is prevalent—pavers are a good option. That’s because they have greater skid resistance that aids in the drainage of these environmental conditions. With stamped concrete, there is a greater tendency for concrete slabs to become slippery when wet. Applying a sealant to the concrete on an annual basis can provide a layer of defense against these elements as well as pool chemicals.

In terms of maintenance, pavers—which are typically higher initial investments—require less work than their stamped concrete counterparts in the long-term. Keeping paver installations polished involves the occasional hosing and sweeping of the patio surface, while stamped concrete is apt to show more wear and tear because of its harder finish. One way to counteract this issue is with a textured pattern that helps hide hairline cracks that can result from heavy loads and the shrinkage of concrete over time.

The Debate Between Stamped Concrete Vs Pavers

Every part of your landscape is an investment, and your patio space is no exception. With these factors in mind, you can better choose the patio material that ties in with your backyard space and enhances the look and feel of your home.

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