June 20, 2018

5 Landscape Design Blogs to Inspire & Teach You

Are you looking for creative landscape design ideas and tips for your outdoor space? If so, you’ll be excited to browse our list of the top landscape design blogs—all of which offer plenty of inspirational and educational material.

As you browse these different resources, we encourage you to bookmark each landscape design blog. That way, you can always come back for further landscape ideas and insights.

Landscape Design Blogs to Browse

Borst Landscape and Design

The Borst Landscape and Design blog is packed with details on what homeowners need to know about selecting and caring for outdoor greenery as well as gardening structures. You can also find various tips on how to make the most of your backyard space based on its layout.

The landscape design blog is organic-focused and teaches sustainable—but still inexpensive—lawn care techniques. Whether interested in features like outdoor patios, backyard ponds or seasonal displays, you’ll find a category that aligns with your needs.

Unique Landscapes

For the past 8 years, Unique Landscapes has provided their blog readers with useful landscaping advice and inspiration. They not only share practical guidelines on how to budget for landscape projects, but they also supply unique concepts for fire pits, spas, swimming pools and more.

The educational material extends to lawn care as well. Based on their experience and expertise, Unique Landscapes’ team offers insight into the benefits of native plants, weed control tips and how to select the right fertilizer for properties.

Hidden Creek Landscaping

On the Hidden Creek blog, you can expect to find detailed posts at your fingertips. The informative and explanatory nature of the content makes it easy for any homeowner to understand the landscape concepts being shared. These concepts range from how to create a pet-friendly yard to simple ways to give your patio a refresh.

The landscape design blog is also home to planting guides according to location and season. This information helps homeowners carefully think through and plan how to care for their lawn (and add pops of color) throughout the year.

Neave Landscaping

Looking for a blog that shares the latest landscape design trends while providing several options to fit your property? If so, you’ll want to be sure you check out the Neave Landscaping blog.

On the residential front, you’ll find plenty of articles on best practices in landscape design and maintenance. This list includes features to add to your outdoor structure, choosing the right irrigation system and insect control. Blog readers can also find topics specific to commercial properties, such as enhancements to up curb appeal and holiday decor ideas.

Green Impressions

The Green Impressions blog offers a wealth of knowledge on how to transform your lawn for the better. Not only is it home to featured landscape design projects and tips, but it also delivers seasonal lawn care advice for every season.

With the customer in mind, our landscape design blog helps answer some of the most common questions that homeowners and commercial property managers have. This ranges from how to find the best local landscaping companies to whether or not stamped concrete or pavers are best for your patio.

Interested in finding more landscape design inspiration from Green Impressions? Download a free copy of our 2018 Lookbook.



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