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June 22, 2018

Cleveland Lawn Care: Tips for the Summer

The summertime may leave a glow on your skin, but it can be rather harsh on your lawn. The scorching sun isn’t easy on grass and can weaken it, allowing diseases and pests to penetrate through plants and soil.

Unfortunately, homeowners often don’t realize that their lawn is in danger because the signs are not immediate. By the time the grass turns browns, it’s usually too late to start taking protective measures, and it could take months for your lawn to regain its health.

To avoid any problems with your landscape this summer, follow these Cleveland lawn care tips throughout the season.

Summer Tips for Cleveland Lawn Care

Early Season Care

  • Cut your grass with a sharp mowing blade. This will provide clean cuts versus shredded grass.
  • While mowing, remove one-third of the grass blades at most, and keep raising the mower slightly higher as the temperature rises. Removing too much grass will leave behind a heavy layer that can stunt growth and expose roots to harm.
  • Make sure that your entire lawn receives at least an inch of water every week.
  • For the best results, water your lawn early in the morning so it has time to absorb into the ground before evaporation. Watering should be uniform to make sure all corners of the lawn stay healthy.

Mid-Season Care

  • At this point in the season, your grass is very prone to turning brown. To avoid this issue, hydrate your soil and grass with at least one inch of water every week.
  • Let your grass grow longer to keep roots healthy and protected from the harsh effects of the sun.
  • Avoid using fertilizers, pest killers or weed killers during this period. They will cause more harm than good as your grass is more exposed at this time.
  • Mix up your mowing pattern to reduce the effect of your mower going over roots. You’ll also want to decrease the amount of weight placed on your grass, as this could impact your lawn’s health.

Late Season Care

  • While you can cut your lawn to your preferred length at this time, don’t go below the recommended range.
  • If you must use chemical weed killers, wait until mid-fall to be sure that your lawn care can handle the effects. They will take up chemicals more readily at this time.
  • During the early fall, you can aerate the soil to allow air and water to easily penetrate the soil.

We hope you find these summer tips for Cleveland lawn care to be helpful! If you are looking for help maintaining your lawn, we’d love to speak with you further. Contact the team at Green Impressions about our lawn care services.



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