June 27, 2018

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

Having a small back yard space might make it seem like certain features are out of the question. One of the amenities that often falls under this umbrella is an outdoor kitchen space.

But that’s not always the case. In fact, there are several ways to make outdoor kitchens work in small back yard spaces. The key is understanding which layouts make the most sense.

To get the wheels turning, here are some outdoor kitchen ideas for small spaces...

How to Incorporate Outdoor Kitchens Into a Small Back Yard

Decide What Your Must-Have Items Are

We’re sure you’ve seen those luxury outdoor kitchens with all the trappings—a grill, pizza oven, compact refrigerator, sink, dining space, etc. But which of these amenities would you consider your must-haves?

Compiling a list of the features that are most important to you can help downsize your outdoor kitchen space. In many cases, homeowners with small back yards find that a grill and a small refrigerator are sufficient to meet their entertainment needs. They can conveniently barbecue outside and offer cold drinks to guests without having to continuously dip back into the house.



(Source: Pinterest)

Make Portability and Storage a Priority

Small back yard spaces require a bit more flexibility than their larger counterparts. In the case of outdoor kitchens, the ability to adjust elements of the design based on what you need offers significant benefits.

One example of this is counter space. While you need this room to prep and serve food, a portable serving and prep cart could just as easily serve this purpose.



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The same sentiment can be applied to the dining area as well. Rather than investing in all large fixed pieces for your outdoor space, you can opt for foldable tables and chairs. This allows you to modify your back yard based on whether you are entertaining a small or large group.

Add Decor that Opens Up the Space

The goal with small spaces is to always make them feel more open. By adding some simple design elements to your outdoor kitchen area, you can do just that.

Consider the lighting you use, for instance. Adding light fixtures in dark corners of the outdoor kitchen area or near the floor helps to brighten up the space and illuminate elements that weren’t visible before. As the light brings these different accents to life, the space itself appears larger.


(Source: Pinterest)

Just because you have a small back yard doesn’t mean that outdoor kitchens are out of the question. As we’ve highlighted here today, there are plenty of outdoor kitchen ideas for small spaces—ones that we hope have left you feeling inspired in your landscape design.

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