June 25, 2019

The Value in Seeing Your Backyard Landscape Design in 3D

Conceptual sketches are often used to set the tone and vision of backyard landscape designs. Putting a pen to paper, landscape design firms can show homeowners a detailed map of what their new landscape will include, with suggested solutions to meet property needs.

But in a visually driven process like backyard landscape design, homeowners don’t want to just see what awaits. They want to experience it.

That’s why 3D renderings are such a valuable piece of the backyard landscape design puzzle.

Get the Full Visual Effect with 3D Renderings

Photorealistic renderings take the flat sketches from conceptual design and make them dynamic. The 3D views not only add depth and dimension to the features of the landscape design, but they also showcase the textures and colors of the space (and how they all connect).


(Source: Green Impressions)

With this 3D perspective, you have a better way to visualize how you’ll use the outdoor space once it's complete. You’ll feel like you’re walking over the patio area, sitting by the fire pit, cooking at the outdoor kitchen and dipping your toes in the in-ground pool.


(Source: Green Impressions)

The nature of the 3D rendering also makes it far easier for homeowners to digest the end product, as well as make suggestions for revisions. This ultimately makes the design better and more complete when all is said and done.


(Source: Green Impressions)

With all the benefits that 3D renderings bring to the table, we knew this step needed to be part of our landscape design process here at Green Impressions. Once a conceptual design is ready and approved, we’ll create 3D models that allow you to experience your transformed backyard landscape design before you ever step foot into it. (For a full breakdown of how our residential landscape design process works, check out this section of our website.)

If you’re in the Northeast Ohio area, we’d love to see how we can help bring your ideas for backyard landscape design to life. To get started, simply fill out this form and request your free consultation.





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