July 9, 2019

Kichler Landscape Lighting: 6 Ideas for Your Backyard

Are you looking to create a backyard oasis where you can host family and friends? If so, one of the best ways you can achieve this is through landscape lighting. After all, you’ll be able to extend the use of your outdoor space, all while adding to its visual appeal.

From portable lanterns that add functionality to outdoor living areas to lights that illuminate water features, Kichler Lighting has a product that suits every Northeast Ohio homeowner.

Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Kichler Landscape Lighting Idea #1: Lanterns

A portable Bluetooth LED lantern is perfect for relaxing nights on the back patio. Hook your phone up to the Bluetooth speaker and play the right music to fit the occasion, whether it’s a casual barbecue or a romantic dinner for two. What’s great about this multifunctional lantern is that you can also take it with you wherever you and your guests want to spend time.


(Source: Kichler)

Kichler Landscape Lighting Idea #2: Hanging Lights

To put a spotlight on your favorite conversation spot outdoors, consider hanging lights. Install them above your outdoor furniture to make the space as cozy (and stylish) as your indoor living room. The example here draws inspiration from boho-chic designs to complement the shades and styles of the sofa, table and decor.


(Source: Kichler)

Kichler Landscape Lighting Idea #3: Ceiling Fan With Light

Homeowners in Northeast Ohio are no strangers to hot and humid summer nights. Thanks to the dual-purpose ceiling fan with a light, you can stay cool when high temperatures hit and also illuminate your outdoor space. Whether your style is more traditional or modern, Kichler has a type of light fixture that suits your preference.


(Source: Kichler)

Kichler Landscape Lighting Idea #4: Wall Lights

If you want to add charm and sophistication to your backyard, wall lights are the perfect way to do just that. Designed to fit the exterior design of your home, these lights not only showcase a home’s architectural beauty but they also make it safer for guests to navigate your property. The style below emulates a classic outdoor lantern with wave-like glass panels for added flair.


(Source: Kichler)

Kichler Landscape Lighting Idea #5: Dining Chandelier

Why eat inside when a beautiful evening calls you outdoors? Install a chandelier above your outdoor dining space to keep the conversation going well into the night. With no rush to clear the table while it’s still light out, you can make the most of your dinner parties and create more memories among home-cooked meals.


(Source: Kichler)

Kichler Landscape Lighting Idea #6: Water Lights

While water features invite relaxing sights and sound to backyards, water lights amplify their visual appeal. Designed for underwater use in waterfalls and ponds (among other water features), these lights create a dramatic effect that can’t be ignored. And when night falls, the feature will remain in focus for all to see.


(Source: Kichler)

Let Green Impressions Install Your Kichler Landscape Lighting

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the fun has to end in your outdoor space. Turn on your Kichler landscape lighting and get back to good conversation with family and friends.

Ready to take the plunge? If so, the team at Green Impressions is here to help. With years of experience in landscape design, we have installed Kichler landscape lighting in residential properties across Northeast Ohio. Request your free consultation today to get started.




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