May 24, 2023

The Benefits of Bundling Your Landscape Maintenance Services

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to use multiple companies for landscape maintenance services. One may focus on mowing and trimming all turf areas; another might tackle the pruning of trees and shrubs; another may handle irrigation of the lawn (and the list goes on).

While all of these providers may be experienced and good at what they do, there’s a case for consolidating the number of landscape maintenance service providers you use. Ideally, this can come in the form of one full-service provider like Green Impressions that can address all of your landscape maintenance needs.

Bundling Landscape Maintenance Services Saves Time

As a Northeast Ohio homeowner, you want to get out and enjoy your landscape as much as possible. But when you’ve got multiple landscape crews coming to your home in a week, this naturally limits the time you’re able to spend outdoors as crews perform work. What’s more, some services like fertilizer applications can mean having to wait hours or days before it’s advised to let children and pets run around on the lawn.

Using one provider for landscape maintenance services means work happens more efficiently. What would have taken weeks to complete can be tackled by a single crew in a day’s time. This creates less disruption for homeowners and lets them get back to just relaxing and entertaining in their outdoor space.

Bundling Landscape Maintenance Services Save Costs

When using multiple landscape maintenance service providers, costs can quickly add up. On one hand, homeowners are billed for individual services versus a package that is often offered at a discounted rate. At the same time, homeowners endure the costs that come with each landscape provider mobilizing landscape crews and equipment.

Working with a single landscape maintenance provider offers homeowners access to more cost-effective packaged services while limiting labor, fuel and travel costs. These variables leave more money on the table for Northeast Ohio homeowners to invest in other landscape maintenance services — or perhaps a larger landscape design project.

Bundling Landscape Maintenance Services Improves Results

A provider that mows your lawn every week may understand how to treat your grass. But they may not be focused on or know how to properly care for your trees and shrubs. This disconnect can be problematic, as trees and shrubs can be prone to diseases and pests that can inevitably spread to your lawn and cause damage.

A full-service landscape maintenance provider looks at the complete picture that is your yard. By combining the expertise of various landscape specialists, a full-service provider can leverage these resources to deliver better outcomes to the homeowners they serve. An integrated approach also allows the provider to get a better understanding of your property’s needs and also your preferences, which once again supports better results.

Green Impressions is a full-service provider of landscape maintenance services, offering hassle-free care to homeowners across Northeast Ohio. Request a free consultation to see how we can keep your lawn and landscape looking beautiful year-round.




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