January 26, 2021

From Our Portfolio: 5 Landscaping Ideas for Cleveland, Ohio

It’s a new year — and with it comes new ideas to improve your home, from the inside out. While homeowners may still be cozied up inside amid winter temperatures in Cleveland, Ohio, there’s no better time to grab inspiration for revamping your landscape in 2021. That way, by the time spring arrives, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running with your vision and turn it into a reality.

To this end, we wanted to share a compilation of some of the landscape projects we’ve worked on in recent years. Whether a specific layout, structure or feature catches your eye (or perhaps more than one), our goal is to provide you with visual inspiration to guide your redesign efforts.

A Space to Entertain

The feel of a wine bar in the comfort of your own backyard space. With this goal in mind, we helped one homeowner create the ideal space to socialize with family and friends outdoors. 

While some guests cozy up for conversation around the double-sided fireplace, the chef can join in on the chit-chat while barbecuing recipes on the nearby grill. Adding to the ambiance of the space is a cedar pergola that provides a source of shade and a pondless water feature that invites in soothing sounds that block out unwanted noise.


Source: Green Impressions

A Private, Cozy Oasis

Live in close proximity to your neighbor? If so, privacy may be an important factor in the design of your backyard landscape. In the project featured below, we used landscape privacy plantings to form a natural, soft barrier between the homeowner’s backyard and their neighbor’s yard. With the feel of a cozy courtyard, the backyard creates an ideal spot to enjoy meals at the outdoor dining area — and then, for dessert, roast marshmallows at the fire pit just a few steps away.


Source: Green Impressions


Rain or shine, landscapes deserve to (and can be) enjoyed. In the interest of maximizing use of their Cleveland landscape year-round, one homeowner worked with our team to design a fully covered outdoor living room. Situated under a cedar pergola with a covered roof, the living area came equipped with all the essentials: a plush sectional, a TV, a high-top bar area to dine and a ceiling fan to enhance the overall comfort.


Source: Green Impressions

Outdoor Fun

Some landscapes offer room for recreational activities; others have these elements built in. Take the landscape redesign project below, for instance. While the in-ground swimming pool offers plenty of fun throughout the summer months, a bocce ball court offers another avenue for entertainment as temperatures grow cooler. And with the inclusion of a custom dog run, there’s fun to be had year-round for pets, too.


Source: Green Impressions

Emphasized Views

When a backyard looks out over Lake Erie, the right design can enhance already scenic views. In the design of one Cleveland landscape that sits high above the lake, we installed an infinity pool with a series of waterfalls that spill over onto the deck level situated below. Framed by plant levels for pops of color, this style of pool gave the impression that the water flowed directly into the lake, making it feel closer, with unobstructed views.


Source: Green Impressions

When you partner with Green Impressions for your landscape redesign, you can expect the optimal results paired with the ideal service. With years of experience serving homeowners in the greater Cleveland area, we know what it takes to make outdoor spaces the most functional and beautiful they can be. To learn more about how we can help, request a free consultation.




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