September 15, 2020

Backyard Swimming Pool Designs for Every Type of Space

Backyard swimming pools are collectively known for their benefits, from the recreational fun they offer to the relaxation they provide in the summer heat. While these benefits remain true, one element that has evolved is the design of pools. With modern, creative takes on the size, shape and style of backyard pools, there is more flexibility than ever before to design a pool that is the perfect fit for your unique outdoor space.

Here are a few backyard swimming pools designs that will leave you feeling inspired.

1. The Custom-Shaped Natural Pool

It used to be the case that all backyard swimming pool designs came in a set shape — most often a rectangle or a square. Today, many homeowners are thinking outside of the box and designing custom-shaped pools with curves and flowing lines. Ideal for smaller backyard spaces or those with terrain, these pools mimic the look of a natural pond and add organic appeal, appearing as if they were always a part of the landscape.


Source: Pinterest

2. The Plunge Pool

For small backyards, another great option is installing a plunge pool (also referred to as a dipping pool). Plunge pools are essentially smaller versions of traditional swimming pools that are often situated beside a deck or patio space. While these types of pools are designed more for relaxation purposes, they can also be used to teach kids how to swim and — with the addition of swim jets — create artificial resistance for exercise.


Source: Pinterest

3. The Three-Sided Infinity Pool

Elevation changes can be a challenge in backyard landscape design, but they also create the ideal setting for a three-sided infinity pool. Whether your home is situated on a hilltop or looks out over Lake Erie, an infinity pool creates the illusion of a dropoff (much like a waterfall) that emphasizes the already scenic views. The so-called disappearing edge not only adds to the visual appeal of the backyard, but it also tricks the eye into seeing a more expansive landscape.


Source: Green Impressions

4. The Cross-Style Pool

When you have a sprawling, flat backyard, there is naturally more room to be creative with the shape of your pool. One trend that has emerged in these cases is cross-style pools. While both artistic and eye-catching, these contemporary pools provide room for activity with a style that exudes a meditative feel — with multiple compartments to cater to both sides at once.


Source: Green Impressions

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