September 8, 2020

Landscaping Fall Cleanup: 3 Tips to Ensure the Best Results

1. Rake leaves.

2. Prune trees and shrubs.

3. Clean gutters.

Two homeowners can have the same to-do list for a landscaping fall cleanup, what often looks like the example above. But depending on the techniques that are used, each can experience vastly different results — from the time and effort required to the overall effectiveness.

With the help of these tips, you’ll experience fewer frustrations and unveil a green lawn come spring.

3 Helpful Reminders for Your Landscaping Fall Cleanup

Tip #1: Rake Leaves When They Are Dry Versus Wet

If raking piles of wet leaves sounds tiring, that’s because it is. Wet leaves are naturally heavier than their dry counterparts, so they require more energy to rake (and subsequently bag). With the added force that’s needed to rake the fallen leaves, it’s more likely that you’ll apply extra pressure to the rake, which can in turn scrape at the soil and damage portions of the grass.

Tip #2: Don’t Leave Stubs Behind While Pruning

Stubs left behind on a pruned tree or shrub aren’t just an eyesore. Because plants are unable to seal off the cuts and protect open wounds, these stubs will decay and eventually die. As stubs become weaker, they become a more hospitable environment for insects and disease to thrive. The effects of this can ripple through the entire plant, with rot and decay spreading elsewhere.

Tip #3: Clear Debris Off Roof First When Cleaning Out Gutters

When a rainstorm pushes around debris on a home’s roof, gutters are a natural landing pad for these materials. That’s why it’s best to rake or power wash leaves, sticks and other debris off your roof before cleaning your gutters. You’ll avoid having to clean your gutters twice — and your roof will be less susceptible to structural damage from the moisture and weight of debris.

Landscaping Fall Cleanup Made Simple

While there are ways to streamline your landscaping fall cleanup (as we’ve highlighted above), we also realize homeowners don’t always have the time to tackle all these lawn care tasks. That’s why we offer a landscaping fall cleanup as part of our year-round maintenance services. From clearing away debris to pruning shrubs and trees, our team of industry professionals will help ensure your landscape is ready for the winter and that it emerges in the growing season looking its best.

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