If you’re one of the lucky Northeast Ohio homeowners who live on Lake Erie, then you know the benefits that come with this investment.

The tranquility and peace of the rolling waves. The beautiful views — made even more vivid at sunrise and sunset. The improved quality of the air outside your back door.


While these waterfront properties are themselves unique, they also afford new opportunities in landscape design.

By pairing layers and depth with innovative design features (and connecting the dots between them), it’s possible to turn an already impressive backyard into a resort-style oasis that elevates existing views and offers the perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment.


The Roots of the Landscape Design Project

While some lakefront homes are nearly parallel to the water, others are elevated above it. That was the case for one Rocky River home that sat 40 feet above Lake Erie. To feel closer to the water, the homeowner installed a trex deck 15 feet below grade of the existing backyard.

After installing the deck overlooking the lake, the homeowner’s next step was to integrate this new structure with a more comprehensive landscape design. While inviting dynamic visual interest and multi-use features into the outdoor space, Green Impressions had to account for elevation changes as well as erosion and stability issues.

How We Helped Create a Waterfront Paradise

Waterfront Paradise-img1
Pool with five waterfalls that spill over onto the deck level
Water fountain spouts that add beauty and elegance to the pool area
Steps for ease of access between the landscape’s elevation changes
plant levels
Terracing to establish plant levels, with seasonal flowers added for pops of color
Waterfront Paradise-img1
5,000 Pisa2® XL blocks from Unilock to create segmental walls for plant levels
segmental walls
Vista LED lighting in the pool as well as around the segmental walls
entertainment system
Two gazebos — one outfitted with a bar and the other with an entertainment system

Pair Your Lakefront View With the Ideal Landscape Design.

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