Enhance Your Landscape with Outdoor Water Features

A Blend of Beauty & Relaxation

Every inch of space counts in landscape design. That’s why it’s important to identify features that strike the perfect balance of visual appeal and purpose. Outdoor water features fit the bill by adding beauty and tranquility to backyards of various sizes.

The Benefits of Landscape Water Features

Soothe the Mind

The sounds of nature transform your backyard into a serene space that relieves stress

Drown Out Noise

Tired of listening to the sounds of traffic? Outdoor water features help suppress them

Better Air Quality

The negative ions that water features emit help infiltrate and enrich the air you breathe

Attract Wildlife

Birds, deer and rabbits are just some types of animals likely to stop by for a drink of water

Low Maintenance

Because water essentially recirculates in these features, they require little effort to maintain

Boost Property Value

Outdoor water features deliver a valuable return on investment if you sell your home later on

Different Types of Outdoor Water Features

Bubbling Rocks

Water cascades down a boulder or stone, with the shape of the rock guiding the direction of flow

Reflective Waterfalls

By adding more depth to a backyard, the “mirror effect” creates the illusion of a bigger space

Fountain Vases

Opportunity to blend original, distinct art with the soothing sounds of flowing water

Pondless Waterfalls

Movement of water against the hardscape makes for a unique and pleasant contrast

The Recreational Use of
Water in Outdoor Spaces

Beyond creating a meditative atmosphere, water is often used for recreational purposes in backyards as well. Pools, spas and ponds all fall under this umbrella. Outside of enhancing the look and feel of your space, here are some of their benefits:

Cool off

When the summer heat hits, pools are the perfect spot to cool off on your own or spend the day with family and friends


Aside from providing a space to gather, spas offer healing properties that relieve stress and pain, with a season that extends into colder weather

start a hobby

By adding fish or aquatic plants to a pond, you can create a relaxing hobby that is ideal for the entire family

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