January 12, 2021

Does a Paver Driveway Increase Home Value?

If you’re looking for a landscape investment that has a significant impact on your home value, a paver driveway fits the bill. The reasons, as we’ll show here, stretch from their aesthetic appeal and long-term durability to — with the proper choice of pavers — innate environmental benefits.

3 Ways a Paver Driveway Boosts Your Home Value

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Driveways can be thought of as a welcome mat for your home. Whereas a concrete driveway that’s damaged and discolored can set the bar low for expectations for potential buyers, the clean lines, colors and textures of a paver driveway set the tone for a positive home experience. What’s more, driveway pavers (like those from Unilock) come in a variety of materials and styles, so no matter the architecture of your home, you can find a suitable option to match your vision. The more synced up the design of your driveway and home are, the greater the curb appeal.

Did you know: According to HomeLight data, 76% of real estate agents believe that improved curb appeal is the No. 1 thing a seller can do to attract potential buyers.

Built to Last

From vehicle to foot traffic, driveways have to handle a lot of stressful activity — and the end result of these pressures depends on the materials used. In the case of concrete, heavy loads combined with the impact of freeze-thaw cycles can cause cracks that can lead to costly repairs. Pavers, on the other hand, are able to withstand four times the weight of poured concrete based on the materials themselves as well as their interlocked nature. And, even if a paver cracks or comes loose, repair costs are far lower as just one paver needs to be replaced versus concrete slabs. This translates into fewer frustrations and maintenance costs for homebuyers in the long run.

Improved Permeability

While sustainable features were once considered a nice addition to homes, buyers in today’s market often now view them as must-haves. (In fact, reports show that 68% of buyers want an environmentally friendly home.) In combination with smart thermostats and energy-efficient lighting, to name a few examples, a permeable paver driveway drains and filters stormwater as it falls, keeping pollutants and debris out of waterways and reducing stress on sewer systems. In a sustainable-conscious environment like ours, potential homebuyers will value the positive impact a paver driveway has on rainwater conservation and management.

We’re Here for Your Paver Installation Needs

At Green Impressions, we have years of experience installing paver driveways across Northeast Ohio — pairing state-of-the-art pavers from Unilock with the optimal installation techniques. As the curb appeal of your home improves, your outdoor space becomes more low-maintenance and the sustainability tied to your outdoor living is enhanced, your home value will naturally rise.

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