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January 4, 2021

Year-Round Lawn Care Guide for Northeast Ohio Homeowners

Having the perfect Northeast Ohio lawn requires some proper TLC on the part of homeowners. We’ll help you understand where to focus your efforts to ensure a healthy, lush lawn throughout every season.

Topic #1: Watering

Throughout the hot, humid summer months, we recommend that you thoroughly soak your turf to allow enough moisture to reach the root system — approximately 1 hour per area. Then, allow the turf to dry for two days, and repeat the cycle once again. If the temperatures are extremely hot (90℃ or higher), soak the lawn 1 hour per area daily until the harsh conditions subside, and then circle back to the previous watering instructions.

In terms of timing, we encourage you to water your Northeast Ohio lawn in the early morning and/or in the early afternoon. That way, moisture will not remain on the green turf tissue in the evening, which in turn discourages the spread of disease.

Topic #2: Mowing

To improve the health and appearance of your Northeast Ohio lawn, there are some general mowing guidelines to follow. For instance, you’ll want to make sure your mower blade is sharp and that you cut often enough that you don’t have to remove more than ⅓ of the grass blade.

In terms of mowing height and frequency, there are several factors to consider. This includes the species of grass, the use of your lawn, the climate, fertilization, weeds and other lawn diseases.

Tip: If you mow often enough, you can leave behind grass clippings. These clippings will recycle nutrients back into the soil, without contributing to thatch build-up.

By mowing early in the spring as grass becomes active, you can help eliminate weeds without the use of as many herbicides. Cool-season grasses affected by fungi sometimes require more frequent mowing to remove growth and circulate more air to prevent or lessen the fungal attack.

It’s also important to avoid mowing heat-stressed grass in the middle of the day, as this further promotes the loss of moisture and nutrients unless watering systems are used shortly afterward. 

Topic #3: Bugs, Weeds & Disease

In Northeast Ohio, crabgrass typically gains a foothold by mid-May. Failure to apply a proper preventative application may result in the presence of crabgrass in your lawn all season long. 

A healthy lawn is the best defense against potentially harmful invasions. Effective mowing and watering practices can help prevent the spread of most insects and diseases in your Northeast Ohio lawn. For instance, watering your lawn in the morning or early afternoon versus the evening gives grass enough time to absorb the moisture it needs and allows the excess to evaporate before cooler evening temperatures settle in and disease has a chance to spread.

Just as important as defending against lawn problems is knowing how to spot them early on. This can help ensure issues are quickly treated before they have a chance to spread and infect broader areas of your outdoor space.

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