December 15, 2020

Tenant Complaints in Winter — and How to Overcome Them

Northeast Ohio residents are all too familiar with the headaches that come with winter — whether it’s snow-covered driveways and walkways or patches of ice that accumulate. For owners and managers of commercial buildings, these typical winter woes are exacerbated.

The Types of Tenant Complaints That Can Pop Up in Winter

Whereas tenant complaints in winter are sometimes related to concerns inside the building like inefficient heat or frozen pipes, many of them are tied back to the state of the exterior, like those highlighted above. Consider the case where a parking lot isn’t plowed after a snowstorm. In the context of an apartment complex, dozens of tenants may find themselves running late to work or school. In the context of office space, employees may arrive to find there’s nowhere to park. While the source of frustration may vary, the end result tends to be the same: tenant complaints.

A similar scenario can play out in other respects too. For instance, walkways may be littered with patches of ice. With the potential for those on-site to fall and potentially injure themselves, this accumulation of ice is naturally a source for tenant complaints. But when you put this into the context of a healthcare facility, there is likely to be more pressure for improvement as the risk for injury is higher due to the fragility of patients.

Overcome Tenant Complaints with the Help of Professionals

Keeping the exterior and interior of commercial premises safe in the winter can be a tough balancing act for building owners and their staff. As a provider of commercial snow and ice removal services, Green Impressions aims to help take some of the weight off their shoulders.

Using the most durable commercial-grade equipment, our team of experienced professionals works efficiently to keep commercial properties free of snow and ice and their negative effects. Adherence to strict arrival and departure times means building owners can rest assured that we’ll take care of winter issues in a timely manner so tenants can maintain a sense of normalcy. What’s more, is we offer our services at an affordable price to suit a variety of property budgets.

Learn more about our commercial snow and ice removal services — and if you’re ready, reach out to us for a consultation.




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