December 1, 2020

Looking for Backyard Spa Ideas? Check Out These Options

When it comes to modern outdoor living, backyard spas are a popular choice. And when you consider their long list of benefits, it’s easy to see why:

✓ Relaxes the body and mind

✓ Provides stress relief

✓ Helps you sleep better

✓ Offers low-key entertainment

(and the list goes on...)

While all backyard spas share the same benefits, these landscape features can come in a variety of styles to suit the layout of your outdoor space — from the features it already includes to where it’s situated. The backyard spa ideas highlighted below offer a source of inspiration.

Backyard Spa Idea #1: An In-Deck Hot Tub

Backyard spas can sit on top of a deck, or they can be installed directly into the structure. The latter route not only offers a more modern, stylish charm to the outdoor space, but it can also be constructed to offer additional seating around the hot tub. That way, guests can easily continue their conversation whether they’re inside or outside of the backyard spa.


Source: Pinterest

Backyard Spa Idea #2: A Pool & Hot Tub Combination

Pools and hot tubs often reside in separate areas of a backyard. But when paired together, these two types of water features can complement one another from both a visual and functional standpoint. Let’s use the example of a spa that spills over into a pool. While the pool design is enhanced (and thus boosts the property value), it is easier for guests to socialize in this combined environment and also move from cold to warm water, or vice versa.


Source: Pinterest

Backyard Spa Idea #3: A Spa-Like Gazebo

Hot tubs are designed for year-round use. While a light rain or mist can create a cool ambiance, there are those days where heavy rain or snow can keep you out of your backyard spa. That’s the beauty of a hot tub enclosed inside a gazebo (or a pergola). Outfitted with a full roof, these structures provide shelter from the elements, allowing you to use your backyard spa in any type of weather. All the while, you get an added layer of privacy that blocks out unwanted sights and sounds, helping you to further relax in your outdoor living space.


Source: Pinterest

Did one of these backyard spa ideas catch your attention? If so, the team at Green Impressions would love to talk about it with you in more detail and see how we can incorporate this and other elements into your Northeast Ohio landscape design. To learn more, request your free consultation today.





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