November 3, 2020

The Unique Benefits of a Double-Sided Outdoor Fireplace

As the season begins to change to cooler weather, you might find that while you still enjoy being outdoors, it’s becoming more and more difficult to stay warm. Thankfully, outdoor fireplaces can help keep things more comfortable.

Just as they do inside homes, double-sided fireplaces bring unique benefits to outdoor spaces. And, just like they do inside homes, double-sided outdoor fireplaces add charm, sophistication and class to your landscape.

Whereas traditional wood-burning fireplaces require lots of space and venting — and are also normally built into an exterior wall — double-sided outdoor fireplaces are more attractive, efficient, can be installed in previously considered off-limits spaces, and don’t have the space limitations of traditional fireplaces.

Let’s take a closer look at the unique benefits of a double-sided outdoor fireplace...

Double-sided Outdoor Fireplace Benefit No. 1: Entertaining and Cooking

Who doesn’t love spending time around a fire? An outdoor fireplace is an excellent way to entertain family and friends. Not only that, it gives you an opportunity to cook campfire-style meals and roast marshmallows.

Double-sided Outdoor Fireplace Benefit No. 2: Space Savings

Double-sided outdoor fireplaces can be installed in areas that would normally be considered off-limits for traditional fireplaces.

Double-sided Outdoor Fireplace Benefit No. 3: Indoor and Outdoor Heating Options

Installing a double-sided outdoor fireplace on a shared wall between your indoor space and patio allows you to enjoy both spaces during colder temperatures. Think of it as one fireplace that does the work of two (without the extra cost).

Double-sided Outdoor Fireplace Benefit No. 4: Increase Your Home’s Value

Outdoor fireplaces are one of the most popular trends that many potential homeowners look for, and adding one to your home has the potential to increase its value.

An Example from Our Green Impressions Portfolio

One Rocky River homeowner wanted to recreate the ambiance of a wine bar and worked with Green Impressions to help them achieve this look. A double-sided fireplace was incorporated into the client’s outdoor space to warm guests on the upper and lower levels. Paired with other elements like a pergola, a grilling station and plenty of cozy seating, the homeowner was able to turn their idea for a backyard built for entertainment into a reality.




A double-sided outdoor fireplace can add many benefits to your outdoor oasis. See how the team at Green Impressions can help you create the outdoor space of your dreams. Request a free consultation to get the conversation started.





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