October 30, 2018

Landscape Design Services: How You Know It's Time to Invest

Maybe you notice cracks or chips in floors or the peeling of paint on walls. Or perhaps there’s frustrations over the clutter that has accumulated or a lack of space for house guests.

The truth is, any number of factors can trigger homeowners to invest in an interior makeover of their home. But what about the exterior? What signs indicate it’s time to hit the refresh button and leverage landscape design services?

We’re here to provide some guidance on this topic.

3 Signs It’s Time To Invest in Landscape Design Services

Uneven Walkways and Patios

The base of a walkway or a patio is the foundation to its performance. So when the ground is less compact than it needs to be to support the weight of pavers, heavy traffic loads can eventually lead to an uneven design where some pavers have shifted in position—possibly deeper into the ground or to the side. Both scenarios lead to gaps that are not only an eyesore, but introduce probable tripping hazards to homeowners and guests.

Overgrown, Neglected Lawn

Unhealthy grass with brown patches and overgrown trees with weak branches can easily detract from the curb appeal of a landscape. And underneath this layer of unsightly appearance lie potential health and safety problems. Tall grass that holds onto moisture becomes a breeding ground for weeds, insects and disease, while overgrown trees block the sun from melting ice and snow that builds up on walkways.

Little Use of Space

The landscape of a home should be an extension of its interior. But without a degree of function in the exterior—whether it’s to relax, host parties or a mix of both—homeowners are often unsure of how to make use of the space. This takes away from what could be a beneficial addition in terms of current comforts as well as the long-term profitability of the home.

Choosing the Right Landscape Design Services

If you’re in the market for landscape design services, the next step is to choose which lawn care provider is the right fit for the job. This decision involves a number of elements, from their experience and flexibility to the continuous care provided.

At Green Impressions, we take pride in helping homeowners achieve their ideal landscape. Our award-winning designs blend beauty with function to create outdoor living environments that redefine residential properties. Get a glimpse of these projects in our 2018 Landscape Design Lookbook.



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