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December 11, 2017

When Is The Best Time To Prune Trees?

Healthy trees breathe new life into a home’s landscape. But when dead or overgrown branches appear, they can take away from a tree’s beauty and also affect its strength. That’s why pruning trees is so important.

While the practice might be familiar, what may not be so clear is the best time to prune trees — a factor that can greatly impact its effectiveness. We’re here to help answer the question of the best time to prune trees.

Proper Pruning: The Best Time to Prune Trees

It’s true that trees need care at all times of the year — and pruning is no exception. The best time to prune trees is actually during their dormant season, more specifically in the late fall or early spring.

During this time, trees are in hibernation and their buds haven’t yet opened. This makes it easier to see the branching patterns and identify which ones need to be removed.


As weak branches are trimmed, trees regain structural strength that can help protect them against harsh winds and wet springtime snows. It also allows resources to be redirected to other healthy parts of the tree, providing an added layer of defense.

Pruning trees in the dormant season also lowers the risk for insect activity. As cuts are made to the tree, the wounds can attract insects and give them access to it. Some of these insects can feed on the tree’s leaves and weaken the structure over time. Since insect activity increases in higher temperatures, there is less of a chance for this issue to occur when pruning in the dormant season.

The Best Time To Prune Trees: Benefits to Your Entire Landscape

It’s not just the trees themselves that benefit from pruning in the dormant season. Your entire landscape can prosper with proper pruning.

In the spring, your gardens are already in bloom. If you trim trees then, chances are that you will have more of an impact on the surrounding landscape. By pruning in the dormant season, it’s less likely that you’ll damage other parts of your property during the process.

Light is noticeably more scarce during the colder months. Trimming away weak tree branches helps direct more sunlight toward the grass and other plants in your yard. This better preserves their health and provides them with nutrients they need to thrive in the springtime.

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