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December 11, 2018

How Commercial Landscape Services Benefit Your Business

How well a building is maintained can have a significant impact on a business’ bottom line. Apartments and condominiums with clean floors and appliances that run as they should are more likely to attract and retain tenants, while restaurants with disinfected surfaces and clean menus are more likely to appeal to customers and encourage positive reviews.

Now let’s think about this in terms of the building’s landscape. Just as trash and debris scattered across the ground can disrupt current relationships and scare off new potential business, so can the appearance of shaggy grass and unkempt shrubs and trees.

That’s where the value of commercial landscape services—an investment with a significant ROI—comes into play.

The Benefits of Commercial Landscape Services

Make a Great First Impression

Within just a few minutes, potential tenants and customers can form their first impression of a business. While the inside of a space (and the service they receive) will all factor into this equation, the building’s exterior is where the interaction starts.

By ensuring a well-maintained landscape, commercial landscape services set the foundation for helping your business make a great first impression. Not only will the aesthetic appeal capture their attention, but the quality care of the space will reflect the ideals of the business.

Avoid Costly Lawn Repairs

Proper lawn care techniques have the power to combat weeds and bare spots that appear in commercial properties. But without these elements in place, issues can abound and warrant the need for lawn removal and replacement—an upgrade that can prove rather costly for businesses.

The professional care that comes with commercial landscape services helps properties stay on the right track year round. Among other lawn care techniques, mowing grass at the proper height and applying fertilizer in the fall/spring will boost the growth of greener grass and improve its resistance to damage and stress.

Enhance Property Value

The maintenance of a commercial landscape doesn’t just preserve the existing value of the space. A well-manicured appearance can actually increase the worth of the landscape over time. This allows businesses to reap the benefits of increasing their costs as well as selling their property for a greater value when (and if) that time comes.

Commercial landscape services are designed to help untap this potential. With continuous care that supports the growth and maturity of the lawn—grass, trees and shrubs included—the value of the investment will only increase with time.

Support Eco-Friendly Efforts

In recent years, consumers have become increasingly aware of how humans are impacting the environment. And with education has come a shift in their mindset. As a global survey from 2015 indicates, 66 percent of consumers would pay more for goods and services that come from companies that leverage eco-friendly business practices.

The best place to begin weaving sustainable practices into your business is its landscape. With commercial landscape services, it’s possible to show this commitment via smarter watering techniques that maintain lawn health while avoiding unnecessary water consumption.

Enhance Your Business with Commercial Landscape Services

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