December 6, 2018

A Paver Walkway Cures the Winter Blues of Natural Stone

When it’s winter in Northeast Ohio, you never know what kind of weather you’ll wake up to. Snow, ice and other hazardous conditions can easily turn your walkways into hazardous spaces that lead to slips and falls — some of which may cause serious injuries.

Whether you have a natural stone or paver walkway, keeping your landscape clear of ice and snow should be a priority, but there’s a big difference in terms of how these two materials respond to winter maintenance. Whereas natural stone is more susceptible to corrosion, discoloration and potential hazards, pavers like those from Unilock are better able to withstand the impact of harsh winter conditions.

Winter Care on a Natural Stone Walkway

When rock salt — one of the most common de-icing salts — is first applied to natural stone, there is no negative reaction. It’s the continuous cycle of thawing and freezing that creates an issue. The stone expands and contracts as this process occurs, which leads to cracks that not only affect aesthetics but also jeopardize the strength of the material.

Just like when bleach is sprinkled on a colored shirt, rock salt can also leave behind white splotches when applied to a natural stone walkway. While some of this residue may wash away as time goes on, this is not always the case.

An alternative to rock salt is calcium magnesium acetate (CMA). While recognized as a more environmentally friendly option and safer for natural stone, CMA can also deposit a film onto natural stone that makes the surface slippery.

Winter Care on a Paver Walkway

With the highest degree of strength and lowest levels of water absorption possible, Unilock pavers are manufactured to withstand the effects of the freeze-thaw cycle. This means a paver walkway can preserve its structural and design integrity in the face of rock salt. The use of EnduraColor™ and EnduraColor™ Plus products further protects a paver walkway from discoloration with a top layer of wear-resistant aggregates.

While naturally slip resistant, many styles of Unilock pavers include a textured surface that provides added protection. So even as moisture accumulates on a paver walkway, it can still provide reliable footing for homeowners and guests. This avoids the potential slips and falls that can occur when CMA is applied to natural stone.

Looking to add a paver walkway to your Northeast Ohio yard? At Green Impressions, we have years of experience designing and installing these low-maintenance structures. To learn more about how we can help with your landscape, request your free consultation today.



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