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November 27, 2018

Hotel Brings Commercial Landscape Design Ideas to Life

Every element of a hotel feeds back into the guest experience. In-room amenities like a spacious bathroom, fresh towels and coffee/tea mimic the comforts of home, while on-site restaurants and swimming pools offer convenient areas to socialize and unwind.

The same sentiment also applies to a hotel’s outdoor space. Guests want to experience warm, pleasant weather with the comforts of the indoors available to them.

With this in mind, the Residence Inn Cleveland Avon at the Emerald Event Center made its outdoor space a priority in the building phase. This included creating a courtyard area where it would be possible to host outdoor events.

Here’s a look at how Green Impressions helped bring some of their commercial landscape design ideas to life.

Helping Commercial Landscape Design Ideas Take Shape

Fire and water may be opposites, but they are also complementary to one another. The contrast between the red-orange flames and calm, cool waters not only creates a visually beautiful focal point, but also an environment that invigorates the senses.

Contracted to design and build a water feature for the Residence Inn, the Green Impressions team sought to bring together these two elements. The result was a “rain curtain” water feature (made of ledgestone cultured veneer material) that functions almost like a showerhead, with fire rings on either side of the structure.




To further complement the space, the low-maintenance water feature was designed to include a planter where plants could be added for seasonal color. And with outdoor seating areas incorporated around the courtyard, guests can easily extend their stay outside, whether it’s simply to relax or mingle with other guests at an event.

Making the Most of a Hotel’s Outdoor Space

When it comes to guest satisfaction, the exterior of a hotel is just as important as the interior. By setting commercial landscape design ideas in motion—the fire/water feature combination being just one example—hotels can give their brand identity a positive boost and successfully stay ahead of the curve.

Do you have a commercial project that could use specialized landscape features? If so, the team at Green Impressions can help you design and build low-maintenance structures that not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Contact us today for details.



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