November 20, 2018

What to Look for in Commercial Snow Removal Services

After years of handling commercial snow removal on their own, your business has made the decision to turn the reins over to a professional. This shift was driven by a variety of factors, from the cost investment in equipment to the lack of effectiveness in do-it-yourself techniques.

Before this transition takes place, property managers in Northeast Ohio need to do their homework on local commercial snow removal services. Any number of routes can fuel this process whether it’s performing local online searches, talking to neighboring businesses or simply keeping an eye out for ads on trucks in the area.

While these are all great places to start your search, finding the right partner requires more thought. Here are some factors that can help you narrow down your list.

Commercial Snow Removal Services: The Key Features

Experienced Staff

There’s a peace of mind that comes with professional snow removal companies who have years of experience in the field. Not only do they have a firm grasp on the most effective snow removal techniques and how to avoid potential risks, but it’s also likely that they’ve worked with a broader range of Cleveland properties—some of whom face challenges similar to yours. The solutions that have proven beneficial in these past cases can be leveraged to keep your employees, tenants or visitors safe throughout the winter season.

Durable Equipment

Operating equipment is no easy task in the colder months. Aside from the stress of continuously handling snow, snow plows are subject to cold temperatures that can negatively impact the flow of oil in engines and icy ground conditions that can cause sliding. Choosing companies that use newer, more durable equipment (and proper storage techniques) will better prepare you to effectively handle the rigors of winter storms all season.

Timely Response

When winter weather hits Northeast Ohio, some local businesses always seem to be ahead of the game. Their parking lots and pathways are already cleared and salted before operations begin, while mounds of snow and ice continue to create roadblocks for occupants of other properties. It’s probable that this fast, effective response is a result of commercial snow removal services where timely response is a priority. You’ll want to ensure the professionals you hire follow strict arrival and departure times, with standards in place to hold themselves accountable.

Return on Investment

When requesting quotes from professional snow removal companies, you’re bound to find that some offer lower prices than others. While these lower prices may be appealing to businesses, the focus should be on the overall value of the investment. After all, the quality of the service can make all the difference in whether properties are a hazardous liability or a safe space in the winter. Experienced staff, durable equipment and timely response all contribute to the long-term value of commercial snow removal services.

For many years, Green Impressions has provided snow and ice management services to commercial properties throughout Northeast Ohio. Our commitment to quality care, combined with our investment in top-of-the-line equipment, at an affordable cost has helped us establish a long list of satisfied customers across a variety of industries. You can learn more about our professional experience and the industries we serve here.



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