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December 18, 2018

Landscape Maintenance Services: How to Avoid Overpaying

When it comes to landscape maintenance services, everyone wants to get the best possible service at the best possible value. But as you start to request quotes from a handful of local landscaping companies that meet your criteria, you notice a trend. The numbers you get back vary across the board, with some estimates exceeding your budget and others coming in much lower than expected.

As we’ll showcase here, there are several elements that feed into these cost differences.

Customization of Services

While two landscaping companies may offer the same services, the way they distribute them can differ. One could allow businesses to choose from a series of prebuilt packages (which means you’ll likely end up paying for services you don’t need), while the other could allow the freedom to pick and choose individual services.

Generally, it’s best to look for companies with more opportunities for customization in landscape maintenance services. An itemized list of services specific to your property and budget are not only likely to deliver cost savings, but also better results.

Nature of Contract

It’s not just the selected services that distinguish landscaping contracts; it’s also the way payments are made. You could agree upon hourly rates prior to service and submit payments after each visit, or you could sign a prorated 12-month contract with the landscaper.

Aside from their tendency to be more budget-friendly in the long term, a prorated contract is also a testament to the confidence that commercial landscapers have in their work. You’ll just want to ensure there is flexibility to modify plans (i.e., add new landscape maintenance services) as needed to address future concerns and evolving expectations.

Frequency of Care

Whether it’s bi-weekly, weekly or monthly, how often a landscape provider visits a site will impact costs. This not only accounts for the services performed but also the gas and travel time required to coordinate these efforts.

If your property has higher-traffic areas or high-maintenance plants, an investment in more frequent landscape maintenance services is likely the best solution. Meanwhile, properties with less traffic and native plants are likely to require fewer site visits.

In either case, you’ll want to look for a provider that offers regular care with the flexibility to make adjustments.

Quality of Work

While the lowest quotes you receive may seem appealing, it’s important to make sure you’re hiring a team of experienced professionals.

By investing in a landscape provider with trained, reliable employees and a large portfolio of satisfied clients, you’ll likely spend a little more upfront, but also see better results. The quality of care ensures you’ll avoid the frustrations of sub-par work and the added expenses of correcting it.

At Green Impressions, we strive to provide commercial properties with high-quality, customizable landscape maintenance services at an affordable rate. Learn more about our solutions.




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