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October 17, 2018

Low Maintenance Trends for Commercial Lawn Care

There are plenty of low-maintenance trends emerging in the commercial lawn care space. While connected in their efforts to make lawn care faster, easier and more effective, some of these techniques are worth more investment than are others.

If you’re a commercial property owner or manager, here are some of the more recent solutions that can make a significant difference in your lawn care maintenance.

Commercial Lawn Care: 4 Trends to Take Notice Of

Smarter Irrigation Technology

The latest innovation in irrigation technology is the use of wireless controllers. A major benefit to this technology is the ease with which irrigation can be monitored and managed from any laptop, tablet or smartphone.

With a Wi-Fi connection in place, these controllers allow you to monitor water flow and quickly detect leaks to minimize water loss. And with access to accurate weather forecasts, you can adjust your water scheduling to best align with environmental conditions.

Native Plants

Just as smarter irrigation technology improves water conservation, so does the use of plants native to a region. Because native plants are natural to the soil in which they grow, their deep root systems are able to better collect and store water via rainfall, minimizing the need for additional watering.

The familiarity of plants with their climate also translates into natural protections. With greater resistance to disease and pests, native plants require less maintenance in terms of pesticides and fungicides to ensure the health and safety of lawns.

Drought-Resistant Plants

Several weather conditions can hinder the growth of plants, and droughts are no exception. Extended periods with little to no rainfall can lead to mineral deficiencies that inevitably weaken the plants and make them more susceptible to disease.

That’s why the use of drought-resistant plants has increased. With the ability to tolerate dry, poor soil, these plants—which include grass, shrubs and flowering plants—are able to flourish during droughts without having to rack up high water bills as a result of increased irrigation.

The Evolution of Commercial Lawn Care

With all of the low-maintenance trends surfacing in commercial lawn care, it’s important to understand which are the most beneficial to your bottom line. The three examples we’ve included here are worth the initial investment and are sure to streamline your commercial landscape maintenance.

To maximize the benefits of these trends, it’s recommended that you connect with a professional landscaper like Green Impressions who has the expertise to advise on such lawn care practices and their implementation. You can learn more about our commercial lawn care services here.



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