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October 15, 2018

The Value of Combining Commercial Landscape Services

A healthy, lush commercial lawn is not just a product of a single lawn care technique. It’s a product of multiple lawn care measures working in conjunction to serve the larger purpose.

That’s why it’s recommended that property managers combine commercial landscape services to achieve optimal results. This, of course, warrants the question of which types of services should be made a priority. We’re here to help bring this into focus.

Combine These 4 Commercial Landscape Services


Mowing is one of the most important elements in a professional lawn care routine. In terms of aesthetics, a neatly cut lawn can enhance the appearance of a commercial space and have others perceive your business in a more positive light.

Then there’s the variety of pests and disease to consider. Whereas wild grass growth serves as a breeding ground for such issues, regular mowing wards off such invasions and creates a safe environment for families.


While soil contains nutrients that help grass grow, there’s only so much it can do on its own. The fastest and most effective way to give these efforts a boost is through periodic feedings.

Fertilization helps combat environmental conditions, uneven levels of moisture in soil and other factors that can threaten the health of lawns. The influx of nutrients the feedings provide contribute to a lawn that is greener, grows faster and is more resistance to stress and damage.


In the quest to avoid a dry, dull lawn, there is often a tendency to overwater grass. But with this approach come significant consequences, from the inability of waterlogged plants to absorb oxygen to spikes in water bills.

Professional landscapers are knowledgeable on how to help your lawn thrive while conserving water. This includes the use of smart irrigation systems that are tailored to create the right moisture balance, with multiple checkpoints to ensure proper operation.

Snow Removal

Snow removal is as important for the safety of employees, visitors and tenants as it is for the health of plants. As snow piles up in your commercial landscape, it can cause a fungal disease known as snow mold, which leaves behind discolored patches of grass after snow melts.

The specialized equipment that commercial landscapers use helps clear away snow quickly and efficiently. When paired with helpful features like GPS tracking, these landscapers can better manage their fleet of trucks and guarantee the timeliness of arrival and departure times.

Commercial Landscape Services from Green Impressions

At Green Impressions, we have years of experience helping commercial properties look and feel their best year-round. We combine services like mowing, fertilization, irrigation and snow removal to help the businesses we serve make a great first impression that lasts.

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