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August 22, 2018

Commercial Landscape Maintenance: Safety Tips to Know

Property managers aren’t only concerned about the beauty and function of a commercial landscape. They also want to make sure properties remain safe for employees, visitors and tenants.

Commercial landscape maintenance is one of the most effective ways to ensure this. The key is to know what techniques deliver the most value in terms of preventing safety hazards and their subsequent liabilities.

4 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Landscape Safe

Prune Low Tree Branches

When tree branches hang too low, they can easily interfere with pedestrian paths or obstruct lighting. By proactively pruning trees, you can avoid the subsequent effects of blocked entrances, walkways and visibility on your property. It’s recommended that bottom branches are raised 8-10 feet off the ground to keep passersby safe.

Edge Your Lawn

Lawns without clearly defined edges can turn into tripping hazards. After all, people may have a difficult time seeing where one landscape element meets another—whether it's the boundaries of the lawn, garden bed, sidewalk or curb. The neat, manicured look that comes with edging your lawn helps establish this degree of separation.

Check Soil for Holes and Depressions

Uneven compaction in the soil beneath turf can result in holes or depressions. Aside from their unpleasant appearance, these defects can create unforeseen issues for employees, visitors and tenants—particularly when the areas are covered by leaves or tall grass. If you come across holes or depressions, be proactive about filling in these areas and seeding them as needed.

Efficiently Remove Ice and Snow

Before wintery conditions hit, commercial property owners should have a plan in place to handle snow and ice removal. That’s because properties free of slippery surfaces can avoid the costs and hassles associated with these liabilities. What’s important to remember here is the balance between speed and the proper techniques to deliver the best results.

The Value of Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Commercial landscape maintenance is a combination of beauty, function and safety. With proper timing and the right techniques, businesses can set themselves up for success at every turn and make a great first impression that lasts.

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