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August 28, 2018

4 Myths About Backyard Mosquito Control

Not everything you hear about backyard mosquito control is true. In fact, there are plenty of myths about this topic that circulate year after year and paint a less-than-accurate picture of what it takes to keep landscapes mosquito free.

We’re here to help clear the air by debunking some of the more common myths.

What’s Commonly Misunderstood About Mosquito Control?

1. Bug Zappers Are An Effective Way to Control Mosquitoes.

While bug zappers are often thought of as a magnet for mosquitoes, they tend to attract other types of insects as well, many of which are beneficial to landscapes. Studies have even shown mosquitoes only account for up to around 6 percent of the daily catch for bug zappers throughout the entire season.

2. Mosquitoes Are Repelled by Citronella Candles.

As the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) notes, citronella candles do not offer significantly higher levels of protection against mosquitoes as compared to other candles that produce smoke. What’s more, the mild level of backyard mosquito control from the candle smoke can be put out easily by strong winds.

3. Misting Systems Provide a Long-Term Mosquito Solutions

While misting systems can temporarily put mosquitoes at bay, they quickly lose their momentum once the systems are turned off and the spray dissipates. Like their bug zapper counterparts, misting systems also introduce the issue of killing off other insects that help control mosquito populations (like damselflies), causing them to grow rather than decrease.

4. Insect-Repellent Plants Defend Against Mosquitoes

By nature, mosquitoes are attracted to cool, moist areas. That’s why adding plants as a means of defense against mosquitoes can often backfire, as insects will simply use the area as a place to rest. While some plants have oils that can help with backyard mosquito control, those oils need to be crushed and burned to be made potent.

Choosing the Best Solution for Backyard Mosquito Control

With all the myths out there about backyard mosquito control, it may be difficult to know which solution to choose for your outdoor space—that perfect balance of safety, efficiency and convenience.

That’s exactly what you’ll find with the NuTone Haven System. This system combines energy-efficient lighting with patented technology to keep landscapes free of mosquitoes without the nuisance of any noises, odors or chemicals.

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