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October 19, 2018

Commercial Lawn Care: Best Practices for Watering and Sustainability

Watering and sustainability are important parts of commercial lawn care. In fact, the two elements go hand in hand. Commercial property owners need to find the balance of keeping their lawn healthy while conserving water to preserve their green footprint.

So how do you achieve the best of both worlds? Incorporate these best practices into your commercial lawn care routine.

3 Tips for Conserving Water in Commercial Lawn Care

Create the Most Effective Watering Schedule

The best time to water your commercial lawn is in the morning hours, before 10 a.m. With the cooler temperatures and calmer winds at this time, water is better able to soak into the soil and be absorbed by grass roots prior to evaporation. This schedule also helps prevent the spread of disease, as a wet lawn at night becomes the perfect breeding ground for fungal growth.

Focus on Less Frequent, Deep Watering

Because frequent, shallow watering only scratches the surface of the root system, moisture can easily evaporate out of the soil before the roots ever receive the nutrients they need. The better approach is to perform deep, infrequent waterings that penetrate the root system and encourage commercial lawns to grow stronger. It’s recommended that lawns receive at least one inch of water per week, whether this takes place all at once or is spread out between two sessions.

Consider Upgrading Your Irrigation System

Today’s irrigation systems deliver much more flexibility and control than those of the past. With the ability to connect to wireless networks, watering schedules can quickly be created and adjusted based on weather conditions to ensure the most effective operation. These manual updates are complemented by the ability of smart irrigation systems to monitor local weather and make automatic adjustments to prevent flooding and other issues.

Watering & Sustainability in Commercial Lawn Care

There’s a lot that goes into the reputation of a business, and its landscape is no exception. Commercial property managers are not only tasked with creating a space that has aesthetic appeal, but are also expected to make environmentally responsible decisions that show their commitment to sustainability.

At Green Impressions, we have years of experience helping businesses achieve healthy, vibrant lawns while supporting efforts to go green. Our expertise and passion for commercial lawn care has helped us establish long-term relationships with clients, a list that includes commercial properties, retail centers, healthcare facilities and condominiums.

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