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December 21, 2018

Best Practices in Commercial Landscape Management

Commercial landscape management isn’t always black and white. What may seem like the best approach on the surface can create problems down the road for property managers and homeowner associations. It’s true of mulch volcanoes, where too much of a seemingly beneficial material can strip tree roots of water and air, as well as ramping up fertilization efforts, which can raise nitrogen levels so high in soil that sections of the turf burn.

With the right practices in place, businesses can avoid this gray area and enhance the effectiveness of their commercial landscape management. Here’s a helpful list to guide these efforts.

Commercial Landscape Management: 3 Ways to Boost Success

Define a Strategy via Site Assessment

Before a plan for commercial landscape management takes shape, businesses need to have a clear idea of where their challenges lie. This requires a thorough analysis of the site, with details like weed levels in turf, the condition of seasonal beds/planters and damage to curbs, sidewalks and parking lots. Best performed by a professional commercial landscaper, site assessments provide a roadmap to the services most beneficial to your landscape as well as their regularity (i.e., weekly or monthly).

Pair the Right Techniques and Equipment

The healthy, green landscapes you see in your area are a product of proper technique and high-quality equipment. For instance, first-rate irrigation systems have to be paired with the expertise on how to balance proper moisture for lawns and gardens, establishing various zones as needed. In the hands of a professional landscaper with years of experience and an extensive list of satisfied commercial clients, you can take confidence in the techniques and equipment the team uses in commercial landscape management.

Revisit Needs on a Regular Basis

What seemed like a winning formula for commercial landscape maintenance at the start of a year may not always apply a few months later. Consider the case where new shrubs and bushes are added to an outdoor space. These plants may warrant the need for greater maintenance in terms of pruning as well as material protection come winter. By revisiting your commercial landscape management needs on a regular basis—something professional landscapers should incorporate into their business model—you can take a more proactive approach to caring for your commercial property and reap the long-term benefits.

The Roadmap to Successful Landscape Management

While landscape maintenance has always been a concern for businesses, it’s evolved into a larger priority in recent years. Property managers and homeowner associations are on the hunt for the latest best practices in commercial landscape management (including those highlighted here) to enhance their curb appeal and add value to their property.

If you’re interested in finding a local landscape provider to complement these initiatives, then Green Impressions would love to hear from you. Our team of experienced professionals works to simplify the maintenance of properties across Northeast Ohio year-round via commercial lawn care and snow/ice removal services. Learn more about our commercial landscaping services.





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